Who says it's not the time to get angry? You throw a huge tantrum and tell the cashier off for putting cream in your coffee.

You're eyes bore into his like a drill into rotting wood. A deafening silence fell. Somewhere, a squirrel twitched.

"What is this?" you ask in a calm but terrifying voice, pointing into your cup without taking your eyes from his.

He smiled back, not the least bit intimidated. You suddenly realized that it was only you and he in the room and he was much bigger. But you maintained your deathly gaze, after all, the customer is always right.

"That, my friend," his tone was friendly yet condescending, "is the cream and sugar that you explicitly did not ask for. I hope that you find it to your liking!"

You are stunned into silence but your anger quickly puts words in your mouth.

"If I wanted sugar and cream I would've asked for it. What gives you the right to put something in my coffee that I did not ask for, that, in fact, I went out of my way to mention I did not want?"

Your harsh tone and challenging words did not break his titanium smile. You were frowning, he was smiling, the coffee was getting colder and time was passing.

Finally, he sighed. "You know," he began, "in less than one hundred years you and I will both be dead."

You nod, unsure of what he's getting at.

He laughs. "You and I will both be dead in less than one hundred years and it won't matter that you put cream and sugar in your coffee. First of all, coffee is unhealthy without cream and sugar, caffeine is addictive and it does things to blood pressure and your psychological functioning that you'd be better off without. Cream and sugar just makes the taste a little bit more mild. If you're going to kill yourself, you may as well do it a bit more gently, don't you think? And you can't tell me that you aren't a fan of fatty things and sugar, I saw you eyeing those donuts. I'm guessing you want two honey crullers, am I right? Or will you stick with your diet?"

Damn. Well, it's decision time again.

The End

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