Somethings Are Better Said Than Done (continued)Mature

          Shane's phone buzzed as his mom handed him a glass of water. He picked it up and saw that Kennedy had text him. As he read the text, he smiled. She seemed so excited about this dress that she had bought. Her enthusiasm was refreshing and adorable to him. He liked the way she smiled and became excited about the little things in life. Earlier in the week he'd sent her a picture message of a flower he'd found on his way to her house. When he'd gotten there, she'd kissed him over and over, exclaiming that she'd loved the flower. He never thought it would make her that happy. He just thought it was pretty, like her.

          "Is that a text from Kennedy?" asked his mom, trying to sneak a peak at his phone.

          "Yeah. She got a light soft yellow dress. She said she'd send me a picture of the color when she gets home so I can go get a shirt and tie," replied Shane, exiting out of the message.

          "You should get a shirt in light yellow and then a black tie! Oh! Get her a corsage too! Girls love flowers!" she exclaimed, smiling fondly.

          "Where do I get one of those? This isn't exactly prom.

The End

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