Somethings Are Better Said Than Done (continued)Mature


         Shane reached his house and instantly rushed inside to sort out clothes for the dance. If Kennedy was making the effort to look good for him, then he should do the same for her. He dug through his drawers and looked inside his closet for some quality dress shirts and a pair of black dress pants. He found a pair of pants, but no shirt. He wasn't worried though, because Kennedy was supposed to let him know what color dress she would be wearing anyway. This was winter ball and dates were to match for pictures. He looked at his dresser. There in a metal frame with the word "forever" etched into it, was a picture of Kennedy and him. He admired the way her eyes seemed to shine in the sunlight as she was given a piggy back ride by him. She was so beautiful. It amazed him how someone could be so wonderful and not judge others, especially him. He was happy that she'd ran into him that day. It was sad that she'd just been broken up with, but it'd led her to him.

         Quietly he left his room to find something to eat. What he found instead was his mother, holding what seemed to be a wallet. Calmly, he approached her and sat down at the table. She didn't say a word to him. For minutes they sat in silence staring at each other. Neither seemed to know what to say. Finally, his mother spoke.

          "Shane, I cannot tell you how proud of you I am. You've gone days without smoking or drinking, despite your minor setback. I love you so much. I found this today when I was looking through your father's stuff that he left here. It's his wallet packed with cash. I want you to have it. Buy yourself a nice shirt for the dance with Kennedy," she stated, smiling encouragingly.

          Shane didn't know what to say. He merely took the wallet in his hands and held it. He opened it and pulled out the cash. His dad had been known to gamble once in a while. Maybe that's where all this money had come from. He couldn't be sure, but he was glad his mother now trusted him with money. Before he would have spent it on anything that would get him high or drunk. Now, all that was over. Every now and then he would get a craving, but it could be stopped with a call to Kennedy. She was better than a patch or gum.

          "Thanks, Mom. I love you too. I promise that I'll do everything right from now on."


          I walked into one of the only stores I hadn't gone into at the mall. It was starting to become hopeless. Every dress I tried on was wrong. Sometimes it was the straps or sometimes it wasn't tailored right. Others looked cute on the rack, but horribly wrong on me. I didn't know what to do. Megan had already bought her dress and it looked good on her. She repeatedly told me that the ones I tried were cute and that either would do. I couldn't stop though. I wanted to find the dress. As I searched the racks and walls, I came across a yellow dress hidden among the other dresses. I pulled it out and examined it. It had a frilled lining on the top and bottom of the dress as well as the straps. For some reason, as horrible as it looked on the rack, I wanted to try it on.

          "Megan, hold my things please. I want to try this on," I stated, still staring at the dress.

          She gave me a doubtful look and held my things anyway, walking with me to the changing rooms.

          I quickly rushed into a stall and pulled the dress on. It was more tight-fitting than I had thought. Slowly, I opened the door and walked out into the mirror area. I looked in the mirror and gasped. This was the dress.

          "Kennedy you look...amazing. Please tell me you love it!" exclaimed Megan rushing to my side.

           "My, my. You look stunning in that dress. Everyone who's tried that dress is absolutely wrong for it, but've got the body for it. I'll tell you what, I'll give you a discount. How does fifty percent off sound to you?" asked the lady at the front counter.

          "Are you serious? Then this dress is only forty dollars!" I chirped, excited at my great deal. "Thank you so much!"

          "Don't mention it, sweet heart," the lady replied.

          I quickly change and paid for my dress. Walking out of the store, confident and extremely please, I text Shane telling him that I had picked a yellow dress.

The End

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