Somethings Are Better Said Than DoneMature


          Kennedy whistled as she moved around the bedroom. Shane couldn't help but watched as she tided up almost nothing. The room was already clean and the walls were filled with pictures of people and places. He wondered where some of the places were, but he was more intrigued by Kennedy. Last night had been horrible. He'd broken his promise, due to his friend's pestering, and had made Kennedy uncomfortable. She had taken care of him when his mom wouldn't.  He didn't blame his mom though. If he were her, he wouldn't help him either.

          "Shane, can you do me a favor and hang this picture up for me?" asked Kennedy, stretching to fit yet another picture on her wall.

          "Sure," he replied, getting up.

          He took the picture from her and taped it on the wall with ease. As he examined the picture, he wondered where it was taken. "Where is this?"

          "It's in Hawaii. I surfed that spot and liked it, so I took a picture so I could remember it forever."

          "You surf?" He turned to face her.

          "Yup. Do you?" She plopped down on the bed and watched him.

          "Used to, but dad left so I just...quit." He sat down beside her and lay on her lap.

          She didn't respond. She just let him lay on her lap and sighed contently. He wondered how she was so patient and kind. He hadn't really met someone like her before. He looked over at her bulletin board and noticed that Friday's dance was circled on a calender. Shifting his attention to Kennedy.

          "Who are you going to the dance with?" he asked casually.

          "No one. I'm going with friends, but they all have dates...wanna go with me?" she replied, running her hand through his hair.

          "Of course. Do I have to wear a tux? Cause I don't think that's gonna work..." he stated, drifting off.

          "No. Just a dress shirt and nice pants."

          "I can do that. I'm gonna go home. My mom is probably worried about me. I'll see you later, okay?"

          Shane got up and kissed Kennedy lightly on the lips. Then gave her a hug. He didn't want to leave her, but his mom was probably concerned with where he was right about now. Kennedy walked Shane to the door and told him goodbye. He left and headed down the street for home. He couldn't help but smile with the events that had happened. He had gotten together with Kennedy. His mom was right about him loving her. He really did. It was obvious when she kissed him and held him. The feelings he felt could mean nothing other than love. As he neared his house, a car pulled up quickly and three guys popped out. He noticed one of them was Bryan.

          "What the fuck do you want?" snapped Shane, turning to face them.

          "You fucked up my house!" retorted Bryan, stepping up to Shane. "I want my payback!"

          Shane heard his front door open. He worried about his mom getting attacked. He didn't want for that to happen. His mom shouldn't be involved in something like this.

          "Hey! Get off my property! I've called the cops and they'll be here any minute now!" shouted his mom, crossing her arms. "Get the hell out of here."

          Bryan shot a look at his buddys and then back at Shane.

          Shane watched as his mom walked over and shoved Bryan. "Get off my fuckin property. Who is this, Shane?"

          "It's Kennedy's ex. He's a complete douche so I trashed his house," replied Shane, pulling his mom back.

          "So you hurt Kennedy's feelings? Fuck off!" shouted his mom, glaring at the boys.

          "This ain't over," warned Bryan, backing off to his car.

          Shane rolled his eyes and flipped him the bird. Then his mom did the same. She walked inside and he followed as they drove away. He had never seen his mom act like that in his life. The only time he had, was when his father had come home late one night. She was tougher that he gave her credit for. When the door was locked behind them, she began to return to her normal self.

          "So what happened last night exactly?" she questioned, sipping her coffee at the table.

          Shane told her the whole story this time. He didn't leave out anything like he normally would've.


          I glanced at the clock. School would be out in a couple of minutes and I was eager to go shopping for my dress. I wanted to look good for Shane. This past week had been great. We were always together and my friends seemed to think he was a cool guy. They weren't scared of him like they had been before. He was kind and he had brought his friend Dylan to come and hang out with us. Dylan was or had been like Shane too. He quit drugs and alcohol and was doing it by himself. Shane explained that Dylan was better at that kind of stuff.

          The bell rung and I rushed out the door to my locker. As I pulled things out and shoved them into my backpack, I felt hands wrap around my waist and a cheek pressed against mine.

          "You in a hurry?" teased Shane, kissing my cheek.

          "Yes," I giggled, turning to face him. "I have to go get my dress for the dance tommorow. You want me to look good, don't you?"

          "You look good all the time," he replied, kissing me again.

          I laughed and thanked him. I finished grabbing my stuff and asked him if he could walk me to Megan's car. He replied that he could and we headed off down the hall hand in hand. People stared at us. It was weird, but I was used to it now. I didn't know what they were thinking about us, but I knew that some of it wasn't good. Most people actually congratulated me and Shane. In the school news paper they had pronounced us the cutest couple of the month. I couldn't believed that people had actually voted us as the cutest couple, but I saved the paper clipping. It was cute. I taped it on my wall along with the other millions of pictures. I had added pictures of Shane and I to the wall. Friends had taken pictures of us and sent them to me. My favorite one was the one that Megan had taken with her professional camera. It was Shane and I sitting side-by-side on a bench in front of a tree. We were forming a heart with our hands, his side the right and mine the left, and kissing. It was the best picture I'd ever seen. My parents didn't care too much about what was going on. They just told me to be careful.

         When we reached Megan and her car, Shane kissed and hugged me goodbye. Then he left for his car.

          "Ready for dress hunting?" giggled Megan, getting in her car.

          "I've never been readier in my life," I replied, getting in the passenger's seat.

The End

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