Let's Just Get AlongMature

          I got up and stretched my arms. It had been weeks since the night that Shane had walked me home. Today was the day that I would search Shane's room for any drugs or alcohol that he might still have. Thinking about this scared me. How would I know what to look for? Sure, I've seen cops search houses on shows and things like that, but how much of that was actually real? Sighing, I got up and slipped out of my clothes and into my shower. When I got out, I put on some clothes and then brushed out my hair. After putting some makeup on, I headed down stairs and grabbed a pack of pop-tarts and ate.

          "Hey, Kennedy. When you're done with Shane, do you want to go to the mall?" asked my mom, coming in the kitchen with her slippers and robe.

          "I don't know. I'm not sure how long it will take to search his room. He's probably got everything hidden pretty well," I replied sighing. "But don't you have an appointment today with Brenda at the hair salon?"

          "Oh shoot! I for got? Damn! That's in two hours! Scratch that idea to the mall. Here's a hundred. If you still feel like going to the mall, ask Shane or someone. Maybe he could use you as a good influence."

          I rolled my eyes and put the money in my wallet. It wasn't like I needed my mom's money. I had my own jobs. My mom just felt like it was her duty to lend me some money. She got offended if I didn't take it. She was weird that way. My jobs were selling clothes at American Eagle and Hollister. They were good paying jobs. All I had to do was walk down the hall to work since they were at the same mall. People always joked about how Hollister made the ugly people work in the back of the store. I didn't think so. I worked at the cash register all the time, staring at the little lobby watching as people flirted with my coworkers and always seeking attention.

          The sun shown down as I walked outside. It felt good and warm on my back and face. I headed down the street towards Shane's house. It looked even cuter in the light. His mom was already outside moving brown bags into her car. As I crossed the street, she turned and waved to me just as Shane was coming outside with another brown bag.

          "Good morning, Ms. Saunders. Morning, Shane. What's going on?" I asked casually.

          "Shane cleaned out his room. This is all his drugs and alcohol. Well, it's actually not only that. He's giving some clothes to charity too," stated Ms. Saunders, smiling happily.

          I smiled and shook my head. "What can I say? I'm shocked, Shane. But I'm proud. Let's take the drugs to the school."

          "Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go to the mall with me today. My mom offered to take everything where it needs to go," stated Shane, smiling slightly.

          I stood there shocked for a moment. Then reality hit me. He was being nice. The past few weeks had been awkward because of the whole 'I'm your junior parole officer, you have to do what I say' thing. Now was our chance to become friends.

          "Sure! Let's go!" I replied, smiling.

          Shane opened the passenger side door for me and I got in. As I buckled up my seat belt, Shane got in and put his on. Then he turned on the car and music blared out of the speakers. The rumbling made me shake, but it was a good shake. I liked this music.

          "Sorry. I forgot that it was up that loud. I'll change it," he stated, reaching for the stereo.

          "No, it's okay. I like it!" I laughed, stopping his hand from changing the music.

          We sang along with Hollywood Undead the whole way to the mall. It seemed to be bringing us closer. He laughed as I tried to match their voices. Because I was a girl, it sounded funny when I attempted a deeper voice. When we reached the mall, we got out of the car and headed into the crowded building. People shoved and pushed, trying to get to where they needed to be. Shane led me to the food court and sat us at a table. He looked around and then asked me where I wanted to go and if there was anything I needed.

          "Well, I need a dress for the upcoming dance this Friday, but I'm still not sure if I'm going. So I guess I just need some shoes and do you maybe want to see a movie?" I asked, glancing at the movie board.

          "Sure. What movie do you want to see?" he asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

          "Um, let's see the scary one," I replied, smiling. "I like scary movies."

          "Alright. Let's get tickets now. Then we can go find you shoes," he stated, heading for the ticket lines.

          I followed and stood with him in line. There weren't that many people in line, so the waiting time was down to a few minutes than it normally would have been. As Shane was buying his ticket, I noticed Bryan standing in the other line with some girl. My heart started racing and I began to panic. What was he doing here? I rushed forward as Shane got out of the way and bought my ticket. Then I rushed Shane to American Eagle.

          "What was that all about?" he asked, breathing slightly hard.

          "I saw my ex back there," I replied, heading for the shoes at the back of the store. "I want these shoes."

          "Wait. That asshole was back there? Let's go back so I can punch him in the face," he stated, turning to exit the store.

          "No, please don't. I don't want any trouble, okay?" I asked, grabbing his arm. "What do you think about these?"

          He stared at me then took the moccasins in his hand. "These are cute. You should get them."

          "You think so?"


          I took the shoes up to the counter and said hello to my coworker. She used my employee discount and I paid for my shoes and left. We checked the time on our cell phones and decided that we still had plenty of time to go to Q-Cup. So we headed for the store and ran into none other than Bryan. He had his arm wrapped around some girl. She was blond and tall. She was maybe and inch taller than him.

          "Hey, Kennedy. Long time no see. This is Rachel," he said, smirking at my awkwardness.

          "Oh. Hey," I muttered, rubbing my arm.

          "We were just about to go to Hot Topic. Who's this?" asked Bryan, nodding at Shane.

          "I'm Shane," answered Shane, clenching his fist and then letting it relax.

          "Oh. So you've moved on already, Ken? That's good. I wouldn't want you to be hung up on me forever," he laughed, turning to kiss the giggling Rachel.

          I could feel the tears starting to sting my eyes. I wanted to defend myself, but I couldn't even speak. My throat felt like it was on fire.

          "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? You can't treat her like that. She'd never be hung up on a douche bag like you. If she hadn't told me that I couldn't punch you, I'd do it right now," snapped Shane, grabbing my hand in his. "Leave her the hell alone and go lay your dumb bitch."

          Shane led me away from them as Rachel stood there opened mouthed and Ryan was red in the face. I was happy that Shane had said something for me. If he hadn't, there might have been a lot worse that Bryan would've done.

          Soon we reached Q-Cup and Shane sat me down in a chair and bought me a honey milk tea with pearls. I thanked him and sipped my drink. He reached over and pushed my hair behind my ear and wiped a tear from my cheek.

         "It's okay. Don't cry," he whispered, leaning on the table. "He's just an asshole. Let's go see that movie, okay?"

          I nodded and took his outstretched hand. As he led me through the crowd, I sipped my drink in silence. There had to be some way I could get back at Bryan. I was always letting him get away with hurting me. He needed to see that I wasn't going to take it. Maybe Shane would have an idea. When we reached the theaters, I threw away my empty drink and headed into the theater with Shane. We sat at the third to top row and looked around to find that there was no one else in the theater. I guess everyone else had already seen it.

          "You feel better?" Shane asked, smiling slightly at me.

          "Kind of. I want to make him see that he can't do that kind of stuff to me...but I don't want it to be violent," I stated, sighing a little.

          "If you want, I'll take you to tee-pee his house. We could also probably draw a penis in shaving cream on his lawn," he suggested digging his hands into his pockets.

          I giggled and nodded. "Yeah. Let's do that."

          The lights faded out and the movie started, but all I could think of was that Shane was going to help me screw up Bryan's house.

The End

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