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          The past few days were hard. People were happy and friendly with each other, yet I couldn't be. The impact that Bryan had on me was intense. I moped and moped about how horrible I felt. It did no good, but I couldn't help it. After the first few days, I was beginning to feel better. Then yesterday, Thursday, he text me to ask me how I was doing. He told me that he had a new girlfriend. The moping was now creeping in and I couldn't be happy anymore.

          It was Friday now and people were enjoying club rush. I was just sitting, listening to my friends chatter about what clubs they had joined. I hadn't signed up for one yet. My attitude was poor right now and I didn't want to spoil someone's day. Megan was concerned, but I refused to let her know that I was so upset about Bryan still.

          "Ken, join this club with me!" she exclaimed after school. "It will be fun! There's a meeting later on at six. Please come! Please?"

           I glanced down and saw that the pamphlet in Megan's was junior patrol officers. It must be crossing guard type stuff. I just nodded my head and smiled.

          "Yay! I will see you at six! Don't be late and it's in room ten!" she stated, hugging me.

          She skipped off and disappeared around the corner. Shaking my head, I turned to walk home. Lately, walking home went by faster than usual. I barely noticed walking and I was always thinking. I couldn't believe that Bryan's stupidity was effecting me so much. Maybe I had some ice cream at home to numb the pain. It was always worth the yelling. My mom was angry with me for eating all the ice cream lately. The ice cream helped through, so I couldn't stop eating it.

          When I reached my front door I checked my watch. It hadn't taken me too long to walk home. I had time to eat before the meeting, so I went inside. The kitchen was empty so I took the chance to dash to the freezer. There in the cool air of the freezer, was a tub of ice cream. I rubbed some of the ice off the side and saw it was my least favorite ice cream flavor. It was mint. I stuck my tongue out and shut the freezer door. She had won this round. My mom was smart this time.

          Giving up, I grabbed a bag of cookies and headed to my room. I spent most of my time there lately. Once safely inside my room with my cookies, I began my homework. That was another thing I did without thinking. It seemed to be right as well. I was subconsciously learning. The cookies seemed to make me smarter as well. II was zipping through my homework with ease. None of the questions or assignments stopped me from thinking. When I finished, I checked the clock. It was close to five thirty. I should probably start walking back to school.

          Grunting, I got up and found a jacket. I took one last cookie and headed back towards the school. The air was still warm outside so I just carried my jacket in my arms. The sky was changing colors now that night was nearing. There seemed to be fewer birds outside. I loved to hear them coo and whistle. It soothed me and it seemed to be the most beautiful music. The walk back to school took no time at all.

           Megan was already at the school waiting for me. She jumped up and down when she saw me. Obviously she didn't expect that I'd actually show up. What caught my eye was the sign on the door behind her. Instead of reading "Patrol Officers" it read "Junior Parole Officers". That couldn't be right.

          "Megan, what is this?" I asked, eying the sign. "I thought this was Junior Patrol Officers."

          "That doesn't exist. You must've read the sheet showed you wrong," she explained, frowning. "Don't worry. It won't be hard."

          I rolled my eyes and followed her into the classroom. The room was separated into two groups. One group was contained students. the other group contained parents and students. Megan pulled me over to the student group. A teacher came over to the student group and handed us packets. As I flipped through the packet, I felt eyes on my back. I shrugged off the feeling and read the questions. I was to ask these to which ever person I was assigned. This wouldn't be too hard. Megan was right.

          Megan and I sat down next to each other at a table and prepared to meet our criminals. A small girl sat in front of Megan with her mother. I wondered if I would get a girl. Then I looked up to see a boy sitting down in front of me. I recognized the boy immediately. He was the one I had ran into the day Bryan broke up with me. My breath caught in my throat and I began to remember who he was. His name was Shane. He was a hardcore drinker and druggie. He was always partying with someone. This wasn't going to be easy. My job was to stop him from all his stupid habits? I was going to fail.

          "Hey, I remember you," he smirked, winking at me. "How's life?"

          "It sucks. Okay, I'm Kennedy," I replied, shaking his mom's hand. "I'm going to be your junior parole officer."

          "It's nice to meet you, Kennedy. I'm Ms. Saunders. This is my son Shane," she answered, patting Shane on the back.

         "We've met, briefly. I'm not sure how successful I will be. Considering what I've heard about your son, he's pretty uncontrollable," I stated, shifting in my seat. "I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not going to pretend that it will be easy."

          She nodded at me and thanked me for my honesty. I listened to her as she explained her situation with Shane. He was always drunk or high when she talked to him. She was sick of it and of his empty promises. Shane said nothing the whole time. He just sat and stared down at the table. After having our conversation, I went over the packet with them. We all signed it, promising we would help each other. When it was time for the parents to leave, Ms. Saunders was weary.

          "Don't worry. I'll take care of him," I stated, smiling reassuringly.

          She nodded and hugged Shane. Then she left.

          "Shane, your mom loves you," I commented, handing him a paper with my number on it.

          "I know," he replied, pocketing the paper.

          "Call me if you need someone to talk to, or if you're too messed up to get home," I commented, patting his arm. "You have to try for your mom, okay?"

          He nodded and bit his lip.

          The rest of the night was filled with little activities to get to know each other better. Shane was cooperative with me and he seemed to enjoy it. The meeting ended on a high note. Everyone was happy with with who they had as a partner. I was almost happy. I wasn't going to be very successful with Shane.

          Megan said her goodbyes to me and then headed home. I turned down my street and I heard feet behind me.

          "Kennedy, wait up!" shouted Shane, running to catch up with me.

          "Are you stalking me now?" I teased, walking slower.

          "Funny. No, I live down this street," he replied, shoving his hands in his pockets.

          "I didn't know that," I muttered, frowning slightly. "Which house is yours?"

          He pointed to a small one-story house. It looked very kept up and it was cute. His mom must keep it under control most of the time.

          "Oh. Nice house. I guess I will see you tomorrow," I commented, smiling slightly. "I live further down that way, so, yeah..."

          "I'll walk the rest of the way. It's not safe at night," he commented, following me.

          I just nodded my head and continued walking. He was just being nice, that was all. I didn't mind him because, in truth, I was kind of done being alone. It was nice to have some company.

          "Hey, Kennedy...I was wondering...why were you crying that day when you bumped into me?" he asked, looking at me awkwardly.

          My first reaction was shock. Why did he want to know? The next emotion was anger. It was none of his business in the first place. My third and final emotion was fear. What would he think if I told him? I stopped walking for a moment to catch my breath, then started to walk again.

          "I was crying because my boyfriend broke up with me down at that park," I explained, keeping my head down.

          "Oh, I'm sorry. Why did he break up with you?"

          "He told me that we live too far apart and that we barely get to see each other. He wasn't even the one trying to come see me. I was the one making the effort."

          "Where does he live?"

          "By the mall."

          "That's not that far. What an ass. Look, I'm sorry that you got dumped, but maybe it was a good thing. This guy doesn't cound all that great. He never made the effort to come see you."

          "Yeah. He text messaged me yesterday letting me know that he had a new girlfriend."

          Shane stopped as I did and stared at me open-mouthed.

          "Well, this is my house. Thanks for walking me home. It was very sweet of you," I commented, trying to hold back the tears.

          I turned to go inside. I didn't want to cry in front of him again. It was embarrassing. As I started to walk back into my house, I felt arms wrap around my shoulders and a cheek pressed against my head.

          "I'm sorry that happened to you, Kennedy. You don't deserve to be treated like that. You're so kind to people. I mean, look what you're doing for me. You're going to try and help me stay clean. Don't pay any attention to him, okay? He's a prick," stated Shane, hugging me close to him.

          His words were the key. My tears cascaded down my cheeks. it was nice to hear that I was helping him and it was great to hear he cared. Shane was more that some jerk. He was an actual capable person under all this bad new stuff. It gave me hope. I was glad that I finally got all that off my chest.

          After a moment of hugging, I said goodbye to Shane again and went inside. Dinner was ready and tonight I wasn't so upset anymore. I laughed and spoke in a friendly way for the first time to my parents. They asked me what had me in such a good mood and all I could say was a brief sentence. They looked at me, confused as I said it, not quite sure what I meant.

          "Junior parole officer," I had said.

          Then I went on to explain the meeting and all about Shane. More importantly, I explained how all my feelings for Bryan were now gone. I was free.

The End

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