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Just something that I thought of that I really really love.

          It was a Saturday afternoon at the park. The sky was blue as can be without a trace of clouds to mar it's beautiful surface. The sun shone down upon the Earth, heating the cool breeze that flowed through the air. It was a perfect temperature outside. The fragrance of flowers and the humming of bugs filled the air. Birds chirped and fluttered to trees to rest. It was strange how the park was empty on a day as nice as this, but I was glad.

         I was with my boyfriend, Bryan, today. He had promised me a day to ourselves. Usually we were always with his friends. I never complained though. His friends were funny, although I did want time alone. It didn't matter though, because what little time we got together was still the best time ever. Tomorrow would be the start of our fourth week together.

          "Hey, Kennedy, I need to tell you something," whispered Bryan, looking away from me. "It's been a great three weeks and I like you a lot, but I think that we live too far apart. We barely get to see each other."

          My heart rammed into my throat. We lived too far apart? I didn't think it was that far. School just started as well, so of course we weren't going to be able to see each other as much. What was going on? Did he...find someone else that he liked more?

          "Oh, okay," I finally choked out.

          "I mean, could we still be friends? Cause you're like the coolest girl I know," he rushed, looking at my face in concern.

          "Of course!" I exclaimed, forcing a smile.



          He smiled and got up from the swing next to me. I watched as he walked over to a beat up pick up truck. He got in and said something to the driver. Then they sped off down the street. It must have been his best friend. I guess they wanted to hit that party early. Maybe that's why he had wanted to be alone today. He didn't want his friends here because they all were attached to me. His friends had become friends of mine. It was kinda of sad to think that maybe...I wouldn't get to see them anymore.

          As soon as the reality of what just happened hit me, the floodgates opened. Tears poured down my face in huge waves. I got up from the swing and started to walk home. The tears blurred my vision and made my skin tight where they had dried. I sniffed and rubbed my eyes. I hated crying over him. It made me feel weak. Then I bumped into a hard chest. I backed up a little and looked up at who I ran into. He was tall with shaggy, long, dark brown hair. His skin was slightly paler than mine and I was tan. His eyes were a striking green color and two studs were in his lips. I recognized him from somewhere, but I ignored the feeling.

          "Sorry," I mumbled, walking around him.

          "Are you okay?" he asked, grabbing my arm.

          "Just peachy, thanks," I replied, pulling away from him. "Don't worry about me. Have a nice day."

          I continued walking home. The thought of how pathetic I looked drove me forward. There was no way I would ever have talked to him if I weren't crying. I would have been too scared to. When I reached home, I ran to my room. Everything was falling apart.


          Shane looked over at his friends. They were still asleep and probably hung over. His head hurt slightly. He got up and left the house. The sun made his head hurt even more. Sighing, he dug through his pocket. There he found five dollars. That was enough to buy himself an energy drink. He started walking towards the convenience store.

          Last night had been insane. He and his friends had partied it up. Booze and weed were there in high amounts. By the time they got back, they were wasted. They had crashed at his place, like usual. His mom must've seen them when she left for work. They had sprawled across the floor in the living room. This had to be the last straw. She was going to send him to a center to sober him up. Some sort of program. He would follow it and then start right back up again. It was easy to fool people.

          Then someone ran into him. He looked down and saw an average height girl with long, mousy brown hair. She looked up at him and sniffed. Her eyes were swollen and red from crying, but the color of them took his breath away. They were a golden hazel color. Her perfectly manicured hand rubbed her cheek and then her soft pink lips opened to speak.

          "Sorry," she mumbled, walking around him.

          Suddenly he reached out and grabbed her. Why had she been crying? He wanted to know.

          "Are you okay?" he asked, concern oozing from his voice.

          "Just peachy, thanks," she replied sarcastically, pulling away from him. "Don't worry about me. Have a nice day."

          He watched as she continued walking down the street. He wanted to follow her and find out if she was really okay. Turning around, he thought of something. What if he had freaked her out? It didn't matter now though. She was already gone. Plus he didn't even know her that well. He recognized her from around school. She was always laughing with her friends when he saw her. The thought of her slowly faded out of his mind as he reached the convenience store. He didn't even remember walking.

          Shrugging his shoulders, he walked inside and headed to the back where the drinks were. As he searched the shelves, he felt eyes watching him the whole time. That happened everywhere he went. True, he actually had stolen from the stores, but it was still annoying to have the eyes following his every move. He grabbed his favorite energy drink and walked to the counter to have it rung up. The girl behind the counter was about his age. She was blond and she was staring at him.

          He knew that look. It was the look every prep girl gave him. He was the bad boy and they were the ones that could supposedly tame him. Yeah right. They wished that they could tempt him away from what he did.

          "That will be three fifty," she commented, smiling. "Out of five?"

          He nodded and took his energy drink off the counter.

          "Your change is one fifty, have a nice day!" she chirped, winking at him.

          As he was walking to the door, he noticed that there was a foreign paper in his hand. He stopped at the front door and examined it. It had the girl's number and name scrawled across it. He looked up at the girl. She smiled at him and waved. He smiled back and held up the paper, crushing it. Her smile dropped as he dropped the crumpled paper into the trash can.

          As he walked out the door, he smiled to him self. Her disappointment entertained him. Girls like her were easy to get, but he wasn't interested now. Other things were on his mind. He opened his drink and took a sip. A slight breeze ruffled his hair and sent a chill down his spine. Today would stay sober and drug-free. He owed his mom that much. This was the fiftieth time he had disappointed her. Of course, he had probably disappointed her more, but this was just his guess.

          It wasn't that he enjoyed disappointing his mom. He just didn't know how to not disappoint her. Every time he tried to, it just blew up in his face. There were times when he couldn't even talk to his mom without her crying. She begged him to stop doing what he was doing, but he just couldn't. His friends tempted him back into his habit and once he started again, it was harder to stay clean.

          He took another swig of his drink and sighed. There was no point in trying to change his ways. He was a lost effort and he didn't feel like trying. He got good grades, it was just the temptation of everyone and everything. The parties and the girls...the drugs and the alcohol. It was all so good, he just couldn't help  himself.

          "Hey, dude. Why'd you just leave us here? We would have gone to the store with you," groaned his friend, just waking up.

          "You're all more drunk than anything I've ever seen. There was no way you'd make it there and back," replied Shane, shutting his front door behind him. "When did Tom get up? Where is he?"

          "I dunno. He's been outside a couple times. I think I heard him yelling at some chick," he replied, getting up from the floor.

          Shane handed his friend the energy drink and headed out to the backyard in search of Tom. He found him lounging in a lawn chair with a beer in his hand.

          "What's up, Shane? Is Dylan up yet?" asked Tom, nodding at him.

          "He's up. Where'd you get that?" asked Shane, sitting down next to Tom.

          "Found it. You missed it. I saw some hot chick walking down the block. She flipped me off when I yelled to her, but I know she wanted me," he replied, chuckling to himself.

          Panic shot through Shane's head. Did Tom yell at the girl who was crying?

          "What did she look like?" Shane asked, leaning forward slightly.

          "She was tall and blond. You should have seen her," he laughed, taking a swig of his beer.

          Shane leaned back into his seat. It hadn't been the crying girl. That was good. She didn't need harassment. He glanced at the beer in Tom's hand. He took it and took a sip. So much for resisting the urge.

The End

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