Decisions, Decisions.

You're in line at the local Tim Hortons, waiting for the horribly slow cashier to get off his ass and make you a coffee. As you stand there, tapping your foot and drumming your fingers impatiently, you survey the backdrop of donuts and muffins. Just thinking of their collective sweetness makes your mouth water. You decide you must have something that is laden with sugar to help get you through the morning.

When the cashier finally goes to get your coffee, you survey the selection of flavors. There are triple chocolate cookies, boston cream donuts, honey crullers, apple fritters, chocolate chip muffins, and a variety of other fatty snacks.                     

By the time your coffee gets back to you, you still haven't decided on what to get.

"Is that all?" the cashier asks, handing you the mug. You look down into it.  Sugar and cream? You said you wanted it black! It would have been easier not to put anything in it at all, so why did they?

But the time for getting angry is not now. You need to decide on a donut, and fast!

The End

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