Is this love?

Chapter 2

Most nights, I wouldn't sleep. That night was no different. I sat at my window, thinking about (duh) Darren. Outside, it was a nice summer night. It was the friday after we graduated grade 8.  There was a friday night youth dance, and my parents said I could go, but I told them I would think about it, because unfortunately, I knew Darren would be there. I glanced at my clock. 6:00 pm. Still an hour until the dance, and still an hour to decide..."Do you know what´s worth fighting for.." my ring tone jolted me out of my thoughts. My caller blood froze. Darren.

"Um, Hello?"  

 "Hey Genevieve.."

"Darren! What a suprise.."

 "Yeah,um hey, I was wondering.."


"Well I thought maybe, if you weren't doing anything tonight... we could um, gotothdnce?"

"Sorry, I didn't catch that, Darren?"

"We could go to the and me?"


"Yeah! I mean, sure, I'll come."

"Kay, I'll meet you there?"

"Okay. Bye Darren."

"Bye G."


I sat there for two minutes after he hung up, just staring at the ceiling. I was going to the dance with Darren. Darren. DARREN!! YAY!

I quickly put on my black aeropostale shirt and my blue skinny jeans, shoved my converse on my feet, told my mom I was going and rushed out the door.  

 Darren met me at the doors of the dance, and opened them for me like a true gentelman. "You came!" he said, smiling. "What, did you think I wasn't going to come?" I said, with a grin. He laughed and we walked in together.

"G!" Echo burst through the crowd and hugged me. "Darren was like, worried you weren't gonna come!" I giggled, and pretended to stare accusingly at him.  "Let's dance." he suggested. A slow song was playing, and some people were playing matchmaker in the corner, several guys were joking around loudly trying to attract the girls near the snackbar and some people had started to slow dance in the middle of the dancefloor. "It's ok if you don't want to though I guess.." he frowned. "Oh, no, uh, sorry I was just thinking..yeah I'll dance with you, of course!" I said. His frown changed into a brilliant smile.  We walked out to the middle. "I love this song," he said, "Do you know what's worth fighting for, when it's not worth dying for..." He sang along in perfect tune, staring at me with those perfect brown/green eyes. I joined in, singing the harmonies, "Does it take your breath away and you feel  you're suffocating.." He smiled. "You have a beautiful voice." I blushed. "I love Green Day, especially 21 Guns." I avoided the compliment, too happy he said it to even thank him. He brushed a lock of my hair behind my ear. "You´re really pretty, you know." he said, his eyes staring into mine. That was when I heard the voice. Genevieve, we have to leave. NOW. I looked around to see Echo looking up at me from her cellphone with horror in her eyes. "NOW." I saw her mouth the word across the gym. I turned to Darren. "I can´t..we shouldn´t...I have to go." Tears beggining to stream down my cheeks, I broke away from him and ran after Echo, Derek and Darren watching us go, confusion clear in their eyes. Echo ran out the doors and kept running. I followed, unsure and also confused about why we had to go, and upset about leaving Darren, and, and..."Genevieve!" Echo´s voice, well, echoed down the alley I had followed her into. I was jolted out of my painful thoughts to where Echo was standing, pain and fear etched across her face. "Why us?" She asked. Why us? She repeated in my head. Seeing the confusion in my eyes, tears formed in her own. "Isabelle just texted me. We have to leave." I frowned. "We did just leave." She started sobbing suddenly, and then I understood, even before she explained. "We have to go back."


I sat there with Echo for at least an hour before I took out my cellphone and texted my mom.

Sleepn over @ Isabelle´s. Maybe more thn 2 nights. Call u l8er. Luv u.

I looked up at Echo. She was texting her own mother. I texted Izzy.

Coco and I r cumin 2 ur house to sleep over. Might stay for a bit. B thr soon.

We started towards Isabelle´s. I closed my phone but kept it on.

Just in case.

The End

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