Unfinished Buisness


After I bid the city goodnight, I went back up to the palace. Farawyn was waiting for me in the throne room. He laughed at my exausted but happy face. "What a celebration!" He laughed again. "Goodnight, my sister." He hugged me. "And you, my brother." I smiled, and proceeded to the tower, which was where my bedroom was. I smiled when I entered it. In fact, I realized that this was the most I´d smiled since the dance...2 days ago. It was weird to think that I´d only been in Faelistin for a day. My bedroom hadn´t changed a bit. There was no bed, just a long silver window seat by one of the arch windows. There was a purple curtain hanging from the cathedral ceiling down over the window with the seat. There was also a magnificent view from my balcony. A water fall was right across the city from my window, and you could hear it rushing from where I stood. Silver curtains hung on all the other windows, and a beautiful chandelier made out of cherry blossom wood donated by the dryads. It was magically growing from the ceiling, and in each season, the leaves would change color and the entire thing would somehow glow, and give light to the room. I yawned, and lay down on the window bed, pulling the curtains closed. Tomorrow would be a lot of work.


I woke up the next morning to a beautiful sunrise. I got up and dressed in a greeny-silver elven shirt with white elven pants. I brushed my hair and braided two front strands and wrapped them around my head. The rest of my hair flowed like a brown and caramel waterfall down my shoulders. I walked out the door, to the hall. On a table was Meyara, an elvish fruit that Farawyn knew I was quite fond of. I smiled. Yumm. Meyara. Tastes like mango and banana. I ate it and then went down the stairs out of the tower. I came into my bathroom, where there was a giant fountain, that filled up an indoor pool, outlined with shining gems. Suddenly, the water rippled oddly, and the water swirled upward, forming the shape of a woman. A naiad. "Good morning, your majesty," she said, "Lord Farawyn awaits you in the throne room." I nodded. "Thank you, Riaryn." I headed for the door on the other side of the room, and went down the stairs that led to the throne room. I entered the room, nearly tripping because the stairs were so steep. There stood Farawyn. "Good morning, Lyaera." He smiled warmly. "Good morning, Farawyn." I said, returning his smile. Then I noticed someone behind him.Her long blone hair was styled like mine, and she was wearing a blueish green riding dress a bit like the one I had worn to Faelistin. Her blue eyes...I recognized her face right away, and I rushed over to her and flung my arms around her. "Echo!" I cried. She laughed. "Oh my gosh, Echo, I´m so sorry about what happened. I should have called, or left a note...I´m sorry." I blubbered incoherently. She smiled and gave me a hug. "You don´t need to be sorry. You did what you had to do." she said, "And that is okay with me, my sister." She grinned. "I had forgotten your elvish name was Lyaera," she laughed. "Yes, I shortened Lycaelaera to Lyaera." I smiled. "Much easier to pronounce." She giggled. "Do you remember my elvish name?" she asked. "Um..Kaeradryl?" She burst out laughing. "No. Naelyra." Oh. Well, I was kind of close. "Anyways," she continued, "I have returned to my clan now too. So we´re a team again." She grinned. "We always were," I said, hugging her, "We always were, my sister." She nodded. I turned to Farawyn. "Come, I need you to hear this." he came over. "Naelyra," I said, "I need you and Farawyn to look after the two clans as one together while I´m gone." They looked at me. "But Lyaera," Farawyn said, "You´ve just returned. Where must you go now?" He had tears in his eyes. "Farawyn, I must go to the pack." Now tears were running down his cheeks. "If you must, sister." He said. Echo hugged me. "Be swift. We shall look after Faelistin and her sister city, Reiadwell as one. " She had tears in her eyes too. "Be safe." she whispered as she hugged me again. "Always." I answered.


I walked past the stables. I didn´t need Arenne for this trip.But I stopped by her stall to give her some Meyara. She loves it almost as much as I do. I patted her nose. "Love you, girl." Then I ran towards the forest. Once I was in the clearing I had come to the other day, I took my elvish clothes off. I put them in the hollow of a tree in the clearing. Then I transformed into a white wolf with a black marking down my forehead. Then I ran.


The dense forest blurred into a rush of green as I ran. I could make out dark shapes around me in the trees. I sat down on my haunches, panting. Yes, panting. I gulped in air and howled. The dark shapes changed from those of wolves into those of humans. I did the same, appearing in my human (well, as human as I can get) form, dressed in a black, sleeve-less sort of jumpsuit with silver designs like vines creeping aroung my torso. A dagger was in my belt, instead of my elven bow and my sword. My hair was now completely free, my side bangs blowing in the breeze that picked up, rustling the leaves on the ground. I nodded at my pack, who (in human form) were now entering the clearing. The first woman entered the clearing and smiled warmly. She was in her early 20's, like most of the pack, except for a few teenagers. I was leader of the pack though, and no matter how much the pack (who most of them were older than me) might disagree sometimes with having me as their leader, their allegiences were bound to me. The woman came right up to me and hugged me. I hugged her back. "It's great that you're back safely, Genevieve." She said, pulling away. I smiled. "Thanks, Bree." One of the men came over to me and bowed. I smiled. "Hey Jayson. You don't need to be formal with me." He laughed and got up. I looked him in the eyes, smiled, and hugged him. In a way, Jay was like my Farawyn of my pack. I had known him since we were both "puppies". He was my best friend. I looked around at the rest of the pack. "Hey guys," I said. The all smiled and the tension was broken. I got dog-piled. Litterally. "Ugh!" My breath wooshed out in a great puff of air. I squeezed out from the bottom of the laughing were-wolves, myself laughing breathlessly with them. It reminded me of a football game Echo and I had gone to to watch Derek and Darren play. The players had extracted themselves from the victory dogpile, laughing and punching their teammates jokingly. Derek and Darren waited until the cameras were focused on them and then yelled our names and made hearts with their hands. Darren....I shook my head. STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!! I looked at my pack, still in a heap, shaking with laughter. I chuckled and helped Bree up, because she was on the top. Jay leapt up and helped me drag Bree to her feet, which she seemed incapable of doing herself due to her laughing so hard she fell back down. Five minutes later, our laughter had died down to various chuckles. I assumed a serious face, and turned to my pack. "It´s great to be back guys, but I bring grave news with my return." Everyone quickly sobered. Jayson looked at me, curiousity plain on his face. I swallowed. "We-the pack- must go to war." The moment I said it, chaos broke out. "Against whom?!?" "WHY?!?" "When??" I snapped my fingers and they all went silent. "It´s against the evil shape-shifters and goblins and such," I explained. "Why? Because the council says so. When? In about 2 months and 27 days. Any other questions?" I looked around. Skye, a young male, spoke up. "Who are we fighting with?" I looked at him. He didn´t seem afraid, just determined. "I must lead you, half the elves, and a third of the witches into battle." Some made strangled noises and I rushed on before anyone could continue. "Please don´t ask me how I plan to do this, because I havn´t figured it out yet." I paused and looked around. "I can´t stay here long, because I have much to do, and little time to do it. Bree and Jayson are in charge." Several of the pack looked mutinous at the very suggestion, and I pressed on. "You don´t like it? Too bad. Deal with it." I glared at the pack, daring anyone to protest. "That´s what I thought. Now, I really have to go. Stay safe." Bree stepped up.  "Travel swiftly and safely." I nodded. "Always do." I caught Jay looking at me, and I blew him a kiss. Be safe, little sister.. His eyes pierced into mine. I mean it. I nodded and disappeared into the trees.


I ran until I was in the middle of a clearing. I sat down and closed my eyes. "Om malho, enzanay oh, eh mah, seadeyo.." My chant got louder and louder and even when I stopped singing, my voice continued to echo around me. I stood up and opened my eyes. The wind picked up and leaves were swirling around me. I spread my arms wide, and opened my hands, revealing my palms. Water rose from the stream nearby, and formed a misted sphere in front of me. I touched it and the world exploded into mist. I closed my eyes and felt myself float in an unexisting realm where anything is possible and possible is anything....and then my feet touched ground and I opened my eyes to a dark room lit by candlelight, where sat my circle of witches.


Isabelle looked behind her at her street, her house. Her mother. She shook her head. She had left a note. Her mom would understand...Isabelle swallowed. It wasn´t that. She wasn´t worried about that. She wasn´t sure when or if she would see her mother again. STOP THINKING THAT!! She laughed shakily . Wow, I must really be stressed if I´ve started telling myself off. She sped up and walked towards the same forest that just hours ago, Genevieve had entered. Only, unlike G, Isabelle didn´t head for the clearing. She broke into a run and ran through the forest and stopped at a large willow tree that dwarfed all the other tree around it. She pulled a pair of black skinny jeans and a dark purple strapless top out of her purse, closed it, and put it in a hollow in the tree.She paused, and reached back again for her make-up, cellphone, and her wand. She stuck her wand in her back pocket and extracted 4 hundred dollar bills, some loose change, and a black jean jacket with a black rose embroidered on the back out of the purse, zipped it up and put it in the hollow. She took a look at her empty purse and laughed. She stuffed everything back in and put the clothes on. Still laughing, she picked up the purse and started to run.


Echo and Farawyn were sitting in G´s study when a ringtone broke the silence. "It may not mean nothin´to y´all..." Echo jumped. "Oh!" She fumbled in the pocket of her tight, brown elvish jumpsuit she had had custom made when she first came to the village. She shot an apologetic glance at Farawyn and flipped her phone open. It was a text from Izzy.

Headin´2 the vampz. U get to da elves safe?

Echo laughed quietly. Farawyn looked confused. Echo laughed again. "It´s a cellphone. A type of communication humans use a lot. You´ve never seen one before? I´m sure Genevieve has used hers in front of you." Farawyn shook his head. "She keeps her human technology up in her tower," he said. "She is not sure of the reaction the elves would have to human items." Echo nodded and looked back at her cellphone.

Ya Iz. G left this mornin 2 go see her pack. Text me whn u get 2 da vamps.

She closed her phone. Farawyn still looked confused. "But you did not even speak!" he looked incredulous. "It´s called texting," Echo explained. "You write words and send them." Farawyn blinked. "Oh, like an email." Echo nodded. "Did G show you what an email was?" Farawyn grinned. "Yes. I have sent two already." Echo laughed. "Good for you, Farawyn."




The End

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