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Chapter 1

"SIT DOWN!" roared the bus driver. "We are almost at school, so all you little brats had better behave, or I will talk to the principal!"           I looked at my watch. 9:17am. I sighed. My first day at a new school. At least this time I had some of my friends with me. After the boundry change, me and like, half the school had to change schools.

As we pulled up to the school, I saw my best friend, or at least the one who came with me, Echo, waiting for me. I stepped off the bus and ran to meet her. We hugged, exclaiming things like "Oh, you've had a haircut" and "Nice outfit!"

We walked into class chatting, even though one part of my brain was still troubled by the secrets I held. After we had been assigned lockers and introduced to our teachers, Echo and I decided to go to the library to help out while the others went out for recess. While Echo was volunteering us for morning recesses with some other girl that looked familiar, I slipped out to the girls bathroom. My thoughts were troubled by the familiar girl in the library, but I pushed her out of my mind. When I reached the bathroom, I made sure I was alone, then muttered to myself: "Lettas incanterisium la thelduge."   A slight breeze, although I was indoors, ruffled my hair. I smiled. A simple incantation to comfort myself and ease my nerves, but none the less effective. I began singing softly, a song I knew quite well. " Dautr abr Delois, Dautr abr Brisingr, Dautr abr Vindr, Dautr abr Adurna, Dautr abr wyrda, Estelle~svitkaswe na dun del handr."  An elven song/spell that called opon the five elements to bring strength peace and love to whomever it is wished opon. I took a quick look in the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair. I sighed. Why couldn't I be one of those super hawt were-wolves you read about in like, Twilight, or something.

I walked back to the library slowly, and when I got there, if Echo noticed anything unusual about me, she didn't comment. The girl was there and they were sorting books. She introduced herself as Isabelle, and as she spoke I noticed the tone was familiar..I shook my head. What was wrong with me today?                                                         Isabelle spoke then, and thank god, I wasn't going crazy

"Unin breols rosu yawe?" Isabelle looked around to make sure she hadn't been heard and the repeated it in english: "In sisters we trust?" "Unin breols rosu yawe." Said Echo and I at the same time. I looked from Echo to Isabelle and then back to Echo. "Why..?" Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I gulped. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, my voice coming back.

"She didn't know until I told her.Or, she didn't remember." Said Isabelle. "Yeah," piped in Echo, "I'm sorry, I just..forgot.Blank."  I sighed again. "I knew I remembered you, Isabelle." I said hugging her.  "Yes, good girl wanna treat?" She teased. "Oh boy! While you're at it, why don't you get yourself some braces on those sharp, pointy teeth." I smirked, amused at her facial expression. We were sisters by the witch part, but seeing as she was a vampire and I was a werewolf, we tended to fight a lot.

"Well now that I remember, I can tell you, Genevieve!" Said Echo. "I'm part witch and don't you remember, I am the princess of the other elven tribe!"  I gasped as a flood of memories came back. "Oh Mi Gawd....yes I do remember!" I shrieked, causing the librarian to give me a dissaproving glare from her desk. All too soon, the bell rang and it was time for Echo and I to go to our class, and Isabelle to hers'.

                                          ***One month later**

I ran to math class and got in just as the teacher was taking attendance.  Derek, one of the guys in our class winked at me as I sat down. "Just in time Genevieve, Mrs. Spaz here was freaking out." He pointed to Echo, who smacked him square in the face. "I was not!" she cried indignantly. "Sure.." he said, smiling and rubbing his cheek. His twin brother, Darren, came up to us and laughed. "Are you three fighting again?" He asked his eyes shining. My heart leaped. "Yup. No. Yo?" I sputtered. He laughed. "Just learning to speak, G?" I blushed. "Cut her some slack Darren, she's in looove!" Said Derek. Darren raised an eyebrow. "With whom, I might ask?" he inquired. "ME." said Derek, puffing out his chest and flexing his muscles. "Yeah right, in your dreams Derr-bear" I teased him, using his least favourite nickname. He then pretended to cry, saying, "Ouch, harsh rejection!" I giggled. Those guys may be twins, but thats pretty much the only thing they have in common. They don't look alike, they don't dress alike and they most certainley do not act alike. Darren and Derek. The most un-twinlike twins on the face of the earth. They are such good friends to Echo, Isabelle and I, that Derek is like my brother. Darren feels..different, like him and I have something more.. I pushed that thought out of my mind. We could never be together. He is a mortal. It's unfair to both of you. I told myself this over and over, but the point remained, I couldn't get Darren off my mind.

The End

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