We were taken into a huge white hall with big windows full of kids our age. They were all sat around sets of tables which made the hall look like a much bigger version of the school cafeteria only cleaner. Tala and I were the only two from our section so we chose a small table off to the side of the hall away from the others. Neither of us really knew what to say to each other and so settled for watching the other groups of kids.

You could tell who was from what section. The kids from the leader section where wearing all white and had their hair knotted back in intricate fashions. There were a lot of them, noisy and boisterous and crowded round some of the centre tables as if to show off to the rest of us. Very rarely did any of the Leader kids move section. Not unless they want to.

Further out from us were the kids from the entertainment section, they had to be the most impossible to miss, dressed in bright, neon clothes with coloured hair. There were an unusually low number of them given their section didn't have a one child policy in fact the only section that did was ours, only six or seven grouped round a table. They were fairly quiet and chatted amongst themselves. Next to them were the Education and Research section, where most of our teachers and professors came from. They had the typical geek look, all wearing glasses even though most of them didn’t actually need them. They all wore light green tops and dark green trousers their section colour. There were quite a few of them , not nearly as many of the Leaders, there was never a section that had more than the leaders.

Sat alone at the back of the hall was a dark haired guy, dressed in brown from the construction section. He was burly with massive, tanned arms and a broad chest. It was strange to see him on his own, there tended to be many more construction kids at the challenges. On the table next to him were a big group, fairly quiet, dressed in all blue with neatly tied back hair. Carers. They watched everyone else intently eyes flickering across the hall. It seemed as though they were sussing out the competition. I accidentally caught the eye of one of them and could have sworn he'd glared at me, I quickly looked down at the table again, not really wanting to draw any attention to myself.

“Boys and Girls,” a voice sounded over the tannoy in the hall and everyone fell silent “welcome to the great hall in the section of your Leaders.” I glanced over at Tala to see her staring intently down at the table. I chewed my lip hard, a nervous habit. “each of you have been assigned to a handler who will guide you through the two day task. One at a time you will be taken through to your handler to be assessed and for them to go through the first task with you. The first group to be taken through will be Channing of the Leaders section, Fox of the Entertainment section, Robin of the Care section, and Cara of the Education section.” I looked back at Tala again as the voice clicked off. The tension just built tenfold as the hall stayed quiet. Even the leaders had quietened down as the realisation of what was to come suddenly hit home.

The End

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