Two Weeks Later

Two weeks flew by in a haze with my mind mostly being focused on the upcoming challenge and the final school day dragged by with not much of interest. As usual I was pushed out of the way in corridors and ignored along with many of the serving section kids. The recent scandal of a leader falling in love with a servant was the main topic of discussion among the students; it wasn't long after it was found out that he was outcast. Brick he was renamed, apparently. It didn't feel like long before it was the end of the day, and it was challenge time.

I went home to get picked up by a carer and had a little time to get changed and pack my small supply of clothes. I opened my wardrobe at home and rifled through the limited assortment I had, what the hell was I supposed to wear for this thing? If it was a written test, like the ones we get in school then it wouldn't matter but what if it wasn't? What if it was some sort of physical test? I rifled through my clothes again eventually choosing a loose pair of black trousers and a black tight shirt the colour denoting our section. I moved over to the mirror to adjust the top, pulling the hem down over the waistband of my trousers, chewing my lip nervously. I pulled my long brown hair back into a tight bun to keep it from falling into my eyes.

"Fauna, dear? Your father and I would like to talk to you," my mum called from downstairs. "Just a second," I called back. I looked at the clock on the wall it was twelve, in two hours I'd be facing the first of the challenge to determine my future, to determine what kind of person I was to marry and who I was to be. The challenge lasted two days, we would all be kept together in a facility on the outskirts of our city where we would the given... well whatever the challengers had come up with for us all.  I took a deep breath there was nothing more for me to do other than get through it.

I stumbled down the stairs of our small two bedroom house. All servant families were only to consist of a mother a father and one child so the houses were all the same, a small two bedroom semi detached with one bathroom and a kitchen and living room, subsequently all servants houses were identical. Tala's family was one of very few exceptions, Her Parents adopted Wren when his father had died and his mother had been made an outcast, no one really knew the full story about what had happened and Wren never spoke of it but Tala's parents had been given custody of him and so were moved into a slightly bigger house to accommodate for their unusual circumstances.

I went into the living room to see mum and dad sat on the small sofa. "You... wanted to talk to me?" I said hesitantly as I sat down. My mum smiled at me, but it wasn't the kind of smile that reached her bright green eyes. "Your father and I wanted to tell you that no matter what happens we will always love you." In short they were telling me that they thought I would fail.

The car pulled up to the Halls of Justice based in the leaders section I presumed this was where our registering would take place as the challenges usually took place on the outskirts. The building was huge and made out of a white type of stone, with big pillars out the front. Tala and I stepped out of the car with our carer Sarai and stared up at the giant building in front of us. It was bigger, and cleaner, than any of the buildings in the servants section. "Off we go then," chirruped the very cheerful Sarai, I glanced over at Tala she looked as nervous as I felt with her blond hair pulled back in an even tighter bun than mine, similarly she was dressed in practical clothes only hers were tighter than mine showing off her willowy figure. I sighed, in contrast to her I was short with next to no curves and dull brown hair. We climbed up the steps, each one making us more and more nervous.

The End

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