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The war raged on and on, through many centuries until the point where the distant decendents of those who started the bloody fight could no longer remember why it had all begun.
One day the leaders of the six most powerful nations came together and signed an agreement each nation would set up their own governing body and rule their society in their own way. They each would not be interfered with or interfere with the others.

My name’s Fauna. But that may change. Our name depends on the section of society we are placed in, and our future career is determined by our performance over a two day challenge. I currently live in the servant section in what used to be down town New York according to history, but its my turn to take the challenge and after that, who knows.

There are six sections from serving class up to our leaders. It is well known that serving is the poorest of the six and the majority of wealth lies with the leaders which makes them the most powerful. All decisions, from food and funding to challenge making and punishment of crimes, are dealt with by the leaders, everything to do with the running and maintenance of our society. They kept a special eye on our challenges, who did well, who did badly. Some even say those who did exceptionally well where trained personally by our head leader Sir Primus. It is said that he's so old; he remembers the fall of the old empire and the time before the sections. It was a time of war and hunger where everyone was free to choose and so it dissolved into chaos.


The sun pierced through the rags that hung from my bedroom window waking me from another nightmare, the same nightmare I'd been having for months. I'd be glad of it had I not only had 3 hours of sleep again. I sighed, dragging myself out of bed, ready for another day of school.

"Hey Fauna, how are you?" I heard the familiar voice of Tala and turned round as she bounded up towards me, this was not strictly permitted by our section as serving rules dictate that we're not supposed to draw attention to ourselves but Tala wasn't one to usually stick by the rules and the majority of the time those who have not taken the challenge tended to be let off given they weren't yet fully part of any section. We started walking down the road to our school block chatting quietly. "Hey," I smiled "I'm ok, how are you?" Our section dictates politeness as a highly regarded trait and we are to take care in how we behave around others. We are also told that when around those of other sections we must be courteous and quiet but I've always found that to be difficult, I was never one to sit back and hide in the shadows.

It was two weeks until our challenge, two weeks waiting in suspense of what we might have to face. The only upside for me was that Tala would be doing it at the same time as me as we had the same birthday. "You excited about the challenge?" I asked as we headed towards the main entrance of the school building which was on the boundary between our section and the construction section. "I wouldn't say excited exactly, more nervous. What about you?" she glanced over at me and I shrugged, unsure really as to how I felt about it. I wasn't scared like most people, I guess I was a little nervous. "A little nervous maybe," the fact that we had no idea what was going to happen made it a little difficult to be excited or scared. I wasn't surprised that Tala was nervous; her adopted brother had been kicked out last year as he failed his test. "Yeah," almost everyone in the servants section knew someone who failed the test not that either of us knew how you could fail it.

"You'll be fine, you're the smartest girl in the class," I tried to reassure her. 

"Yeah but we all know that having an outcast in the family tarnishes your record. Plus what if intelligence doesn't have anything to do with it?" she started biting at a nail. I'd known her for so long I knew this was her nervous habit, she was more scared than most after Wren had been banished to the outcasts. The outcasts were made up of societies criminals, people who had failed the test and people who had run away. They lived outside the city limits. No one really talked about them, well none of the adults did, kids always played Outcast when they were out of sight of their parents.

I sighed as we stepped into a rowdy class. It was true; an outcast screws up the rest of the family, and no one really knew what the challenge was going to present us with. It changed yearly so as to make it fair on all the sections, you could never really prepare for it.

The End

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