Decipher: An ExcerptMature

A VERY rough draft of a novel I'm working on. I'll start seriously working on it during November for National Novel Writing Month. Feel free to leave comments. Should I continue this?
We cannot be what you Expect of Us

It began with an unfortunate meeting.  “Why do we pity the fool for being unwise.  He’s only serving a purpose in the game of life.  As my puppet of course.  Behind these eyes, the ones you stumbled upon, lies the power to control nations.  My father was a bastard.  He sent me down into the earth, to rot and die.  And so I come upon you.”  The stranger smiles, tipping his black hat.  His red eyes stare at the boy, aged 7. 

The boy is dreaming, of course, but this is all too real.  The stink of that hideous man thing’s flesh attacks the boy’s nose.

“Don’t be afraid.  After all, I have nothing against, you.  Heaven forbid.  Heh, sorry, I can’t help myself.  I think I made a joke!  Let me tell you how it began, in detail.  My way.”

As he is speaking, the boy sees all that he says occur.

            “There’s a young girl by the busy streets.  She is staring at the pavement, looking for her lost bear.  You pass her, because she’s someone else’s problem.  A wino comes over, picks up the bear and hugs it to his chest.  The girl’s mother screams in piercing agony, terrified that ‘that old hobo is going to use it for drugs!’

“You give that back!”

 “She kicks him in the back and he lands in the dirt.  It’s alright though.  He’ll never tell.  Old Sammy Hograph will just ignore it like always.  After all, he’s been caught with a wine bottle for the twenty seventh time now.  They won’t test him; after all, AA is Anonymous for a reason, right?  All of this, the poor, rejected souls of your society, is my doing.  I,” he cackles, showing large yellow teeth, “I put the voice in their heads.”  He claps his hands and a girl runs across the boy’s vision like a ghost.

“Oh, that girl?  Don't worry about her.  She’s a whore, lost in the maelstrom.”

“He has told me something amazing about you, boy.  You’re going on an adventure, but it’s one you don’t want to take, see.  That’s the brilliance of this.  You don’t want to take this adventure, because it’s not YOUR dream.  Haha what a joke, you egotistical motherfucker! You don’t have long kiddo.  Do you want to see your adventure’s conclusion?”

The scene shifted to a young girl, her hands on the ledge.  Her eyes are staring out at a deserted highway.  The moon is the only light that highlights her face.  The natural light illuminates a broken crying child.  There is no sound only the image remains of tears streaming down her pale cheeks.

The boy knows this dream will be the one to change his life.

“Now,” another voice, louder, more authoritative, says “Will you go through hell to save this woman?” Flames erupt from the room the girl is standing in.


“You will know who it is, when you know.”

With that the dream ended.  The boy was alone, sobbing in his dark room from the pain he saw in that little girl’s eyes.  

The rest of his life had begun.  From then on, it was the dawn of a new age.

A new beginning.

The End

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