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Cherry walked into the bedroom with a cup of coffee.

"Hey, sleepy head, we have an appointment to go to." She shook Steven's shoulder.

"Hey, Baby, why are you out of bed?" He tried to pull her on top of him, but she dodged.

"It is a good thing I am still faster than you. You almost got a steaming cup of joe on your head. Now come on, we have to meet with the lawyer today."

"Okay, okay. How are you feeling?"

"Better than you, I am sure of it!"

"When did you get such a smart mouth, little woman?" He tried to pull her to him again. "You have to take care of yourself now, not me." He managed to get her close enough for a kiss, passionately. She pulled away gently and smiled at him.

"If you do not get your clothes on, I swear I will leave you."

He groaned as he slowly stood up. "You are spending too much time with my mother." She chuckled and set the coffee on the desk for him.

It had been six weeks since the accident. About two weeks previous, she had sat down with Steven and sked his advice on something very important. They had grown even closer during his time in the hospital, despite her busy schedule and the frustrations with his healing. The doctor had just come in to tell him that he would be cleared to go home in two days, and she realized that it was finally time to come clean. On the night of the accidnet, Cherry had invited Steven over for dinner because she had something very important to tell him.

At the time they had only slept together once, but he had impregnated her. During the entire ordeal with the accident, she had not wanted to stress him out or worry him. but on this day, she felt that he should know. When she told him that she was pregnant with him, he kind of thought it was a joke. He did not understand why she would not have told him before. To his credit, he took the news very seriously and they talked about all of the factors: He was still in high school. They did not think he would be able to continue with the same kind of work for a long time and he was needing to pursue other types of employment. She would be due a few months after she finsihed beauty school and he graduated from high school. neither of them had much in the way of monetary support.

But in the end, it was the idea that they had created something out of their love for each other. The fact that she was carrying life, and they had created it together in their passion. By the end of the day, they had talked decided that she would move in with his family. Sandra had been troubled about losing her son, and Cherry would be able to help care for Steven as he continued to heal. In fact, his mother gave them very little trouble about moving in, so they kept their secret to themselves for now.

Steven still had some pain and hurt him to walk sometimes. Cherry had rearranged her various jobs so that she could do them when she was not at school so that she could assist him as much as possible. They studied together, knowing that it was in their control to give themselves a better life. Cherry's mother had not been surprised when she packed up her things. She was not even sure that her father noticed she had left. They did not care for much of anything, and had not payed her much mind, so Cherry was not incredibly hurt by of it.

They took off for the law office where Kevin Benson worked. Everything was decorated for the holidays, and Christmad was just a few days away now. Kevin greeted them at the front door with a smile, and shook both of their hands.

"Steven, Cherry. I am glad you could make it down today. We have submitted some claims to Miss Jennings' lawyer, and so far we have positive responses. The insurance is covering your bills for now, although your physical therapy bills are an estimated amount. Overall, we have reason to celebrate. It is not usual for things to move along this quickly- it is typical for this to take a really long time to process and debate. We have also drafted up this statement regarding personal life enjoyment, and things of that nature that we discussed. This portion could be a little more tricky since it is arbitrary. In any case, please look it over and let me know if you have any questions. If it looks good to you, go ahead and sign your name so that we can sibmit it."

He sat back and watched Cherry reading over Steven's shoulder. It looked like she finished first, and whispered something in his ear. His eyebrows raised, and they looked at Kevin.

"Mr. Benson, I do not know if you can include this, but...see, we are having a baby. Is that something that we should include in here?"

"You are pregnant now? Yes, that is very important. -Er, were you pregnant before the accident."

"Yes... I was actually planning to tell Steven about the baby the night he was hurt."

"Okay, we will definitely include that in your plee! Was there anything else that we needed to change?"

The both shook their heads. "No, not that I can see." Steven replied. He was a little discouraged, seeing all those things in print. All of those things that were changing in his life and things he could no longer do. It was kind of emasculative to see those things. He still had a bit of bitterness hiding in his soul for this situation. It was a good thing he had Cherry by his side.

"Well, folks, Merry Christmas to you both. We will let you know if there is anything else. I will need your signature once we add this language into the document, but I will probably just send a page by your house to get it signed and everything."

"Thank you again, Mr. Benson. Goodbye."

They left the building, holding hands.

The End

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