Straightening UpMature

Christine stood up to go hang up the phone, then slid back down to the floor. She had been completely ignoring the legal factor of this situation. Her insurance did not cover her fully, so already she was looking at how to pay for a new car. And the last few days, she had tried to go back to some semblance of a regular routine. Not thinking about the accident or her problems, just going to work in the mornings and doing paperwork in the evenings.

Yesterday she had taken the time to reapply to college, hoping that she would find something interesting in that pursuit. She had done well while she attended, but had lost interest when the basic classes were done and she had to choose an area to focus on. At the time, she had no direction except for her enamourous love for Chad. She thought he was all she needed. Now that so much time had passed, she preferred to make her own goals.

Whatever her life was made up of apparently was not working. She figured the best thing to do for now was figure out what she wanted if she did not have Chad and Michael, or even her mother so close and influencing. That was she could continue on and yet figure things out at the same time. Now that an extra wrench was thrown in, she decided to call Chad so that he could help her with the legal part of the puzzle.

When she called his cell, it went to voicemail and she remembered that he had class on Wednesday nights. She left a message asking him to come by when he was done, then sat down and started building a chart like her therapist had menitoned. Christine loved making graphs, and she spent an hour and half just clicking on settings and adjusting information to make it look the way she wanted. In a way, it was like a hobby to organzine information in this way. So absorbed was she in her work, that when the door opened, she about jumped out of her chair.

Chad came in carrying a bag of take out. "Did you eat? I tried to call your cell phone but it did not go through."

"Oh." She looked around, not remembering where she put it. "I do not know where it is, but no, I have not eaten."

"You are doing that a lot, Christine, you do not need to be skipping meals."

"Oh, I am not doing it on purpose. I just... forgot. I started a project and lost track of time." She located her phone in her purse, and it was still on silent from work. "Found it." She had two missed calls, both from Chad. "what do you want to drink?" She noticed that he had bought enough food for her and she smiled to herself.

As they sat down at the table together to eat, it was nine pm and both were starting to get tired. "So hwat was it you needed my help with?"

"I received a phone call today and I guess I need to be prepared in case Steven and his family decide to sue me. It sounds like they already have someone who is going to help them file against me." They thought about this while chewing a few bites.

"Well, I do not know any lawyers or anything. I guess we need to look someone up." Chad replied, thinking how glad he was that she was taking an interest in things again. "I am glad you called, we need to look at your car situation, too."

"Okay. How about you just plan to stay over and so you do not have to come back to take me to wrok in the morning?" She asked nonchalantly.

"That does sound reasonable, if you are okay with it." He responded, surprised by the invitation, and trying to think chivalrously instead of with his hormones.

"Of course!" It seemed like it should be natural for them, having been together for so long and planning their wedding, to spend the night together. But they were practically strangers when it came to intimacy, and neither talked about the subject openly. When they finished eating, Christine cleaned up while he went down and grabbed a bag that he kept with a change of clothes.

The End

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