Bad NewsMature

When Christine heard her phone ring, she wondered if it would be Tim again. She had not thought much about him since Sunday night, but she smiled as she answered the phone.

"Hey, christine? It is Tim, again." He paused, wondering if that was enough information for her to know who he was!

"Hi, Tim, I am sorry that Sunday did not turn out so well. I was really hoping to get to talk to you for a while." She sat down, ready for a friendly chat.

"How are you? Is your neck okay?"

"Oh, it is not much worse. I went to the doctor and they are having me keep the brace on for another week. Luckily nothing was damaged much further when she hit me."

"Look, Christine, I actually called to warn you about something."

"Really? Like what? I have already had plenty of bad luck!" She blew air out of her mouth in exasperation.

"Well- let me thing of where to start. You see, the night of the accident, when I saw you crash, my brother was with me. He went to help the kid who got hit by your bumper. And I came and helped you out of your car. So... I asked him to help you because he works at a lawyer's office and I thought that you might need a hand when it came to defending yourself against whatever these people try to sue you for or wahtever." She took his short pause to mean that was the end of the story.

"Really? Wow, that is really nice, Tim. I have not even thought about legal stuff yet, even though Chad has been talking about it."

Tim had to intreput her, "Wait. The thing is, he said 'no', and now his firm is representing the other guy."

"Oh. He is?"

"Yeah- I just wanted to let you know about it all because my brother felt really bad about it, but since he witnessed him get hit, Kevin thinks that he is the right person to help them... help them sue you for damages." When she did not answer, he continued, trying to ease the uncomfortable silence that his phone call had brought. "I mean, I am sure you can get someone else to help you defend against them, but I am really upset with him for going against what I asked. And now you know, also, that they have already started talking about coming for you and your insurance, I guess."

"Thank, Tim. I appreciate the call." Her short response and the following sound of dialtone really discouraged him.

Here he had finally made a connection with someone and nothing was making it easy for him to pursue her. The engagemnet ring, the horrible night at the diner, and now he has to drop bad news right in her face. He sighed and hung up on his end, then remembered that he had never eaten dinner before he had been interuppted by Kevin. Tim walked to the kitchen and attempted to conitune his evening with a bit of normalcy.

The End

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