Fighting BrothersMature

Kevin knocked on his brother's door. As he waited for Tim, he tried to settle his mind on what he could do and how much he should explain. Kevin was really torn.

"Hey, Kev! I did not know you were coming over tongiht - uh, come on in." Tim had hesitate as he remembered his meeting with Christine and felt terribly guilty, since Kevin was the one who advised him strictly to forget about her and move on. 

"Look, bro," Kevin started as he walked into the tiny living room, but did not sit down. "i just wanted to tell yuou something... I think you are going to be mad at me, but... well, at work today, I took my first pro bono case." He stopped as Tim was waving him toward the kitchen.

"You want a drink, man? I can add some meat and pasta to my dinner, too if you want. It will be ready in five minutes." He talked as he was moving, always comfortable in the kitchen.

"No, no, Tim, I am good. Just- I just need to tell you that I am representing Steven Jones."

Tim looked at him with confusion, and Kevin realized that maybe Tim did not know the kid's name. "You know, the guy that I helped at the accident last week."

Tim sat down. "But I thought you were not gonna get involved? Kev, you told me to leave them alone and not worry about them. Man, bro, this is not right. After i asked you to help Christine out? Geez." Tim looked really torn up.

"Timothy - I am sorry. The kid's girlfriend came to our office this morning. I did not even know what it was for when they assigned me the case. Okay? I did not mean to get involved, but it has kind of fallen in my lap now. I only wanted to tell you because I am sorry that you asked me to help the girl out, and probably I will be representing the family as they go after her for medical expenses.  I am sorry." He stood there, still holding his jacket and keys while Tim just stared at him with his jaw open at the kitchen table.

"Kevin, look, I went to see Christine again. I called her and I feel like she is a great person, and I really want to give her my support. I am sorry that you are represnting them. I am actually pretty upset." Tim did not know what to say, he just stared at his brother standing there looking down at him. Kevin did not scold his brother for doing the opposite of what he recomended. In fact, he was hardly surprised. Tim was a very caring person- he got it from their sister. He let a few moments pass before excusing himself.

"Tim, I am going to go home now. I only came by because I knew how you felt. Maybe we can figure out how to not talk about it. Look, I will have [wife] call you about Thanksgiving plans next week. Love you, bro." He turned to leave the apartment, and did not hear a response as he closed the door behind him.

Tim continued to stare at the table. What was he going to do? He felt a little betrayed, but then, what could he expect? He was warned not to get involved, and he knew that trying to insert himself into someone else's life and business could not go smoothly. Still, he thought that he could help Christine by convincing Kevin to help her defense. And now, he could not even offer that. Never the less, he called Christine's number, still written on the notepad next to his phone. At the least he had to warn her.

The End

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