Start of RecoveryMature

After leaving the law office, Cherry was in high hopes. Although the lawyer she spoke with had seemed a bit distracted, he said that they would definitely take the case, and would be by to talk to Steven in the next day or two. She was so excited about it that she took the bus back to the hospital instead of her neighborhood, just to tell him the wonderful news.

It was four o clock when she arrived in Steven's room, and Sandra was there. Cherry hesitated, not knowing if she should wait and give them some time together, but Sandra looked up and waved her in nonchalantly. Steven looked to be having a good day and was not even wearing the oxygen mask. He smiled at her when she came past the curtain to his room, and she beamed at the two of them.

"I got you a lawyer!" Her smile was very wide and they looked at her in surprise, having not known that she was going to do that today. "They are opening up a pro bono case to go after that Christine girl. "The lawyer's name is... Kevin Benson," she said, handing them both business cards. "He seemed really interested in our case and said he woul be by to see you today or tomorrow! Is that not great?" She was still smiling.

Sandra nodded, clearly impressed with Cherry's forthright attitude. "Cherry... thank you for doing this. It is free?" Cherry nodded yes.

"Mom and I were just talking about finances." Steven enterred the conversation. His voice sounded much stronger today. "This means a lot to us, Baby." He gave her look, reminding her that he did not want her to do so much, but she knew he was thankful. Cherry squeezed past the side of the bed by the curtain to give him a quick kiss.

"Well, i have to go to work, I just wanted to stop and tell you guys about the lawyer." She smiled again, feeling hope could be theirs, and waved at Sandra as she left.

"Steven, that is a really good girl, there. Are you gonna treat her right when you get out of all this?"

"Mom, of course I am. She means to much to me. I love her and we have all ready started making plans together. Can you accept her? It would be great if we could all be like a family. Her family is nothing. And I want her to know love and affection." He wanted to say more, but paused to get his breath. 

She looked at him and nodded. "Yes, I want my son to be happy. And she makes you happy. All I ask is that you do not leave me, Steven. Stay close. You are my son, and I do not have anyone else I can count on. And your sister needs you, too. Has she been coming by to see you?"

"I have seen her a few times. I think she is scared by all of the wires and stuff. She brings me assignments from school but I can not focus on them very long."

"Okay, son. I have to go, too, but you make sure that when that lawyer comes, you tell him everything. Tell him about how she came here and taunted you and put you in relapse. You tell him how much you support your momma and your sister. And about your school and your job that she ruined. I am lucky I still have my job. I almost lost that, too, because of her." She was letting the anger build back up, where it had been boiling for days now since she met Christine.

He nodded his head and patted her hand, putting the mask back on his face as she got up to leave.

The End

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