Cherry had reassured Steven that she would hepl him get out of there. She had tried to call Sandra and talk to her, but only was able to leave a message on the hosue phone. She had looked up lawyers on the computer whiole at school, and had written down a few numbers. For now, she was outside a legal office - the first one that had answered the phone and was willing to make an appointment. She was to meet a Mr. Benson to talk about her pro bono case. Cherry was wearing her nicest clothes- her best pair of slacks and a fancy looking shirt she once picked out to wear to an interview.

She was shown to a small conference room and asked to wait. The man who came into the room was young and he shook her hand, looking slightly frazzled.

"Excuse me for being late, miss, I did not know about the appointment until the last minute. Just so you know, our firm does do quite a bit of pro bono work, but this is my first case. I want to start with you explaining your situation, then we will need financials to determine if we can actually do that case without charging you for it. Okay?"

"Umm, I think I understand, but I am jsut I gues representing someone else."

"that is all right. we have that all the time. What is your name?

"Cherry (not determined yet)"

"And who it it that needs our represnetaiotn?"

"His name is Steven Jones and he was injured in a car accident."

Mr. Benson blinked. "Steven Jones?"

"Yes, he was walking towards a street when a car crashed and hit him."

"Cherry, when did this happen?"

"Last Monday around nine p.m."

"Please excuse me." Kevin Benson got up and left the room.

"Call Drevener." he told the secretary. She dialed a number and handed him the phone. "Hey, Phillip, look, the pro bono case that I just took- I can not do it." He listened to his partner repsond. "Look, this case is the one that I was invlioved in- the one from last week, when I saw the kid get hit by the car. Phillip, can I even accept this case? I prectically witnessed the accident." Again he waited as the firm's senior partner advised him. After a few moments, he gave the phone back to the secretary, not looking at her but focused on his thoughts. He stood in front of the desk and looked at the floor, trying to collect his thoughts. A ferw moments later, he nodded at the girl and walked back to the conference room wher he left Cherry.

"Miss, we will take your case. Now I need you to go ahead and tell me as much about Mr. Jones' accident as you know. then we will write up a procedure and go from there. Are you ready?"

As Kevin listened to Cherry tell the story as she knew, he wondered what kind of fate this was. He had never done one of the firm's pro bono cases, and had been honored when he was asked to take this one. But now to realize that he was so entwined, he wondered what kind of toll it would take on him. Would he be able to stay out of it emotionally, or would he need to get involved to make the case stronger? The facotr he tried to block out of his mind was the conversation he had with Tim last week about not getting involved. Ironic that Tim wanted him to represent the young woman...

The End

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