Monday AfternoonMature

"Good afternoon, Christine, how are you today?" Doctor Evoch asked. It was four o clock on Monday afternoon and Chrisine was not sure how she had made it this far into the day. Every one she saw wanted to know what happened and how she was doing and she just had to shrug most of it off and ignore others. Luckily, most of her work was done in a file room by herself, so she did have spaces of quiet time that bolstered her through. After all, it was the organizing that helped her the most. Lists and order.

Her mom had taken her to get sandwhiches for lunch, and she did not remember what they talked about or whether her meal was any good. A headache had started to form at some point during the day, and when she went by the doctor's office to have her neck looked at, they recomended wearing the thing for another week. It was a doctor that she had not met before, and he was quick to check her pains, and asked very few questions. They had taken their time getting to Dr. Evoch's office and Alice tried to be chatty with Christine, who tried her best to not let her mother know about all the trouble in her mind. In fact, most of the last three hours had been a great strain on her as she attempted to pretend that everything was okay so that her mother would not worry.

Now that she had made it to Doctor Evoch's office, she felt like she would cry with release. For some reason the Psyhologist made her feel at ease, like she could talk to her openly. Christine reminded herself that this is Dr. Evoch's job, but it did not seem like it was just a pacifying relationship between them. There was trust, and that counted for much more. She relaxed as she began her session.

"Actually I am not feeling well at all." Christine responded to Dr. Evoch's question.

"What is going on?"

"I... had a really rough weekend. Everything in my life seems to be wrong. Maybe this accident is what makes me realize that things are not right." She trailed off a little bit and Dr. Evoch took the opportunity to direct the conversation.

"You know Christine, our main objective is to figure out what led to this accident. Whether something is going on in your life that caused you to want to end it. During our conversations, I trust that what you tell me is accurate and what you are really feeling. Even if you think it is not a good thing to say about yourself, it is a confidential time that you can let it out and let it go."

Christine choked a little as she teared up with the confirmation of what she felt about her conversation with Dr Evoch. Clearing her throat, she answered, "Yes, I think I understand that. I do not have many people that I can talk to... I never really realized that I needed them, I think. I have been with Chad for so long already and I just did not even realize that I do not have any other friends. I do not have poeple to talk to and... well, anyway. I am trying to figure this all out, and I am glad you can help." She sighed.

"Why do you not just walk me through what you have been thinking." Christine blinked and nodded her head a little, trying to focus on a place to start.

The End

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