Wrapping Things UpMature

Officer Fredricks had spent twenty minutes with Steven on Saturday, but had not learned much. He pulled the reports for the car, and even went to check it out in the impound lot. He called the doctor's office for to find out what they had decided about Christine Jennings. They told him that she had suffered a concusion and it was not clear whether it was before or after the crash. She was attending Psychological sessions with their in house team, but only once a week, as she did indicate to be a serious risk to herself of others. Basically everyone was treating this as a suicide attempt, but there was no evidence that this was the case. Fredricks decided that he had no other avenues but to try to talk to the girl herself. Since she had not returnned his call, he went to her listed address.

Officer Fredricks did not have a family. He worked about every day and did not attempt to do things with his partner, but rather tended to take the reins and and assign his associates small things that he did not feel needed to be done himself. Fredricks was thorough, and at times too involved with his case. Today was Sunday and he expected to find Miss Jennings at home in her apartment. 

It was hard not to visit her with a biased opinion. Having just visited with Steven and his family, seeing a young mad in such pain and over all bad shape, he could only think that Miss Jennings' car was the one that put he and his family in that situation. Before knocking on her door, he had tried to clear his head of the hospital visit and focus on talking to her about facts. When he knocked, a few moments passed before a young woman in a neck brace answered the door. Without it showing on his face, he back reeled a little in his mind, having forgotten how young and hurt Christine was herself. He smiled politely and introduced himself.

"I came by to finsih up the short intrview we had at the hospital last week."

"Oh, of course, Officer. Come on in. Can I get you anything?"

"No thank you, miss Jenningins. I will only take a moments of your time. My investigation, of course, revolves around the cause of the accidnet Monday evening." He sat at the kitchen table with her and eyed her sternly, yet kindly. He had a calm, almost gentle face of forty years. He appeared to be the type of bachelor that did not have friends and rarely laughed. And it was true. Fredricks was a kind and lonely type of person.

"Now, I do not know what you are going through with the doctors and therpay and all that, but I need to gather the facts from you so that I can put in my report. Miss Jennings, why did your car crash?" 

This time Christine did not falter. She frowned at him and tilted her head with a sigh. "Officer, there was no reason for the crash. Honestly, I thought about my car going over the side of the interstate, and it did. That is the only answer I have right now. I do not know what to call it, I do not know how to explain it. From what I can remember, nothing distracted or scared me. Nothing hit my car or cut me off. I was not drunk, I was not asleep. I just looked at the side of the road, thought about my car going over the side, and then I did. I recall hitting the rail, and then I woke up and found that someone- Tim, I think, had pulled me out of the car. That's it." She had looked directly at the Officer the entire time, and spoke very matter of factly. He siged.

"Unfortunately, Miss Jennings, it will not continue to be that simple. You see, I am going to put in my report that you were driving with negligence. It appears to me that you were not paying attention, and whether or not it was on purpose, you did cause another person to end up in the hospital. Also, some public property was damaged. You are responsible for these things. I suggest you get someone to help you wade through the process." He frowned in turn, and stood up to exuse himself. She also stood up, nodding her head in silent acknowledgement to his words, and shook his hand. He left without uttering a goodbye or looking back toward the apartment. When Officer Fredricks arrived back at the station, he wrote up his report and moved on to the next task on his desk.

The End

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