Christine and ChadMature

They had spent a few minutes drinking their coffee on the porch, then came inside to take care of the paperwork. They were still smiling a lot at each other, feeling a bond that neither could explain. They worked very comfortable together, he being a very concise person, and she complementing that charachterisitc with her precise organization skills. Chad had even brought a list of all the things they needed to go over, and she was able, for each agenda, to locate exactly what they needed.

When they first met, she was a college freshman and he was assisting in one of her classes. She was having trouble understnading some of the materials, and he offered to meet up for tutoring before each class. They hit it off really well, and by the time she enterred her second semester, he had begun taking her out on real dates. She was introduced to his son, Michael, who at the time was only three. He was very proud and chivalrous, never compromising her nor taking advantage of her naivete. At the end of the year, he was her guest at every holiday function, and they had started talking about their future.

It was Valentines Day when he proposed to her, doing everything perfectly, having talked to her family and made all the arrangements beforehand. They made love for the first time that night and it was a beautiful, tender thing. Both of their mild personalities came together in a quiet, romatic kind of love, with no shame or regret or tinge of pain. 

It was now November and they had been in engaged for two and a half years. The goal was to wait until Chad had graduated with his masters, and now he only had one semester left. Michael was old enough now to understnad the impact of having extra people in his life and Christine had been with the family long enough to make sure that she was ready to be married at such a young age. All of these things were the logical, pointed reasons for them to start their life together the next year. The wedding was set for September of the next year.

Chad was dissapointed when Christine took a break from school, but he knew how well she excelled at her job and hoped that she would have a good future there. He trusted her sense of responsbility and trusted that she would finish her school with time and encouragement. Their sex life was almost chaste, as he insisted that it was better for them to wait until marriage to live together and be intimate. It was only very special occasions that brought them together, and she felt that she would still be a blushing bride when the day came. Her mother, of course, that the world of Chad, and Michael, too, and was so glad that Christine had something to depend on.

Christine herself was quite lost. She faltered on what to do and the long engagement did not help her feel any more or less certain than when she had first accepted his proposal. She did not make friends easily, and had only a few boyfriends in high school. Chad was the perfect gentleman. Yes, he had a son, but that must have made him a more complete person, because you would never guess that he had a time of impulse or misdirection in his life. Michael was born when he was nineteen, after his high school sweetheart decided that she wanted a child without talking to him about it first. He broke things off with her during the pregnancy, but insisted that he would be a part of the child's life. 

Georgette thought that she wanted a child all to herself- something to smother with love and keep as her own. Now, however, she was 25 and ready to move on with life. She held her six year old more as a hostage to get things from other people than holding him as her most precious creation. Christine tried to be a sweet and positive light in his life, talking to him and creating things with him at all time. Michael lived in a loud and disorganized life with his mother, and when he was with Chad and Christine, they made sure to keep things quiet and stable.

This was the reason that Chad was so shaken by Christine's negligence on the night of the accidnet. He knew how much Christine loved Michael and how dedicated she was to his health. When she did not pick him up that night, Chad lost some of his trust in her. He had realized, though, as the week went on, that maybe he had taken advantage of Christine and how well things were going. She was twenty one and had not had to take care of an infant on her own or be resonsible for the cost and ultimate wellbeing of another person. After all, she depended on him. Things had been going so well with their routine that Chad had forgotten to stop and assess any problems. As they worked together on all of the necessary bills and things that they always took the time to do together, he tried to note anything that looked out of the ordinary in her manner.

It was hard to do this since her body was awkard with it's cast and he knew she was taking pain killers, too. He let her do most of the work, believing that getting up and getting to work was the best way to get past any sort of ailment, physical or mental. He reached up and brushes some hair out of her face, thinking about what kind of wife she was going to be, and whether she would change as they got older. Reminding himself that he was not exactly old or even middle age, he looked back down at the computer screen as she looked at him with a question. She had to repeat it because his mind had drifted off.

Smiling at him, she suggested that they take a break for lunch. Spontaneously, he stopped her on the way to the kitchen. "Let's go have a picnik. What do you think? We can pick up some subs and go down to the park by the river. Come on, let's take a break." He grinned at her.

She blinked at him, then gigled. "Ok, I will get some blankets.Hehe" She turned, then looked back with a blush. "I love you!" She ran up and planted a peck on his lips, then went off to get her picnic gear.

The End

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