A Long DayMature

The day was finally over. She had been to therapy, been to the doctor to get her stitches taken out, talked to the insurance company about the accident, talked to her boss about a file that could not be found. She had driven around with her mom for hours doing these different errands. She was, in short, exhausted. The doctor that saw her was one she had never met before, and he did not approve for the neck brace to come off yet. Still she would be required to wear it everywhere except the shower. There was an appointment shceduled again for Monday, but that meant she would have to go to work with it on Monday morning before teh appointment. She would also not be allowed to drive until that happened. She was not fully covered with her auto insurance and that was going to hurt, according to what Chad was telling her. He was on the phone with her now, and she was not in the mood to talk about these depressing details.

"Chad, I have had a really long day. Can we just talk about something else for now?" Her irritability was only beginning to shine through.

"No, sweety, I know this is tough, but when these things happen, there is no ignoring the details or waiting for them to be resolved. You need to confront them and help it all get resolved yourself."

"I know, I need to take responsibility for my actions. Jeez, I almost feel like a child the way everyone is cadling me and telling me what to do. I just need a break. It is all too much for me!"

"Look, Chrissy, good ahead and relax tonight. I will come over tomorrow and we can look at all of your paperwork to see if there is anything missing. Okay? I do have to work on Sunday but Georgette is keeping Michael away from me this weekend, so i have all day tomorrow to spend with you. So take a bath and get a good night's sleep. I will be by in the morning."

She sighed, not sure if this meant he was easing up on her or if it would just be worse tomorrow. "See you then."

"I love you, Christine."

"Love you, too." She hung up first, not even bothering to draw out the end of the conversation like she would typically do. 

The truth was, Chad had brought a lot of things up when he started talking about responsibility. She remembered parts of her conversation with Dr. Evoch and about whether she was responsible for the kid in the hospital. Suddenly she wanted to see what she had done. Why was no one bringing that up? Why had no one told her what she had really done? She shook her head in frustration and tried to make it go away.

Instead of going away, a plan began to form. She made a bowl of ice cream and took in to her bedroom. Turning on the televeision, she changed into loose clothing to sleep in. Settling in to the bed, propped up straight because of the annoying neck brace and the pain in her side from all of the bruises. she rested the ice cream on a stack of four pillows and flipped through the channels. An hour later, she turned off the tv, having not found a single good thing to watch, and finally feeling like her brain had turned off. The drity ice cream bowl sat next to the alarm clock that she did not turn on, which was next to a picture of Chad and Michale on Father's day the past year. She picked the frame up and laid it on the bed next to her, where it was too dark to see, but comforting none the less.

The End

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