Seeking RetributionMature

Sandra arrived at the hospital a little after eleven and found Cherry waiting for her. Saying hi, she asked how Steven was doing today.

"Oh, he seems about the same. He tried to talk some and used some hand gestures to ask about the accident... Sandra, do you know who caused the accident? I have been thinking about it and... well, someone is responsible for putting Steven in here, aren't they?" Cherry was very whistful, uncharacteristically wearing her emotions in the open because of her uncertainty. She did not want to assume that someone else would be hurt by them pointing the blame, but then the accident was in no way Steven's fault, so someone had to be responsible!

Sandra looked at her for a few minutes before sitting and having Cherry sit next to her. "Yes, the girl that was driving the car should be blamed for all of this. I talked to the cops and they are doing an investigation. I have not heard from them since Tuesday, though. I have been meaning to go down there and talk to them but I just have not had a chance. There is a lot of things that have fallen behind this week..." She trailed off, looking past Cherry, lost in her thoughts and exhaustion.

Cherry thought about this. "Ms. Jones, what do we do now? I care so much for your son. I really think that we have a future together. I know... I know that you are not ready to hear that and we have not been together for long, but... I can feel it. I know that we have something that works. I have never depended on anyone in my life, and with Steven, I trust him. And I want to take care of him and be with him no matter what happens. Please let me be a part of your family. Please let me help you figure this whole thing out."

Sandra blinked at her with a hard set to her face. She looked at the floor and then looked back at Cherry, obviously having a hard time accepting this. "Girl, I do not think that anyone is good enough for my son." She looked away but when she truned back, there was an unwelcome tear in the corner of her eye. "But I see what you two are like together. I see what you are trying to do with him. It is okay for you to be a part of his family. But do not take us for advantage! You better keep your word about what you just told me because I will not have pity if you ever do anything to hurt my son. He is my son and he will always be mine first. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Sandra. I promise." She reached forward, awkwardly wishing to embrace her. Neither were big on affection, but they did try. For Steven. "I will find out whatever I can. We will get him through this. We need him."

Cherry smiled with renewed energy as she stood up with her book bag. "I'll see you later. Thanks again for understanding."

The End

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