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Tim heard a knock on the door. "Just a minute!" He hollered, taking the pot off the stove, wondering who on earth still came by people's homes without calling first. He grabbed the towel out of the kitchen and went quickly to the door, unlocking and opening it wide when he got there. A police officer stood there.

"Hi, I am Officer Fredricks, are you Timothy Benson?"

"Um, yes, that is me. How can I help you?" Tim scrunched up his face.

"I just need to ask you a few questions about the car accident you witnessed on Monday evening. Do you mind if I come in?"

"Sure, come right in. I am in the middle of cooking, do you mind coming into the kitchen?"

Officer Fredricks followed the young man into his kitchen. Tim was young and tall, with a decent hair cut. His small apartment was clean for a bachelor, and he seemed to be doing a neat job of cooking dinner. Shoot, he was forty years old and still did not cook. He took a seat at the table close to the kitchen door as Tim returned to the stove and returned his pot to the hot burner.

"How can I help you, sir? I did give a statement at the scene on Monday."

"Yes, but since we are doing an open investigation, I would like to follow up on everything that the officers collected from you. The young man that was hit by the car is in critical care and we need to make sure that we know all of the details. So can you just tell me what happened from your point of view?"

"Sure... you know, my brother was there, too, and he should be here shortly. It is sort of a tradition for us to eat together on a regular basis."

"Sure, sure, that will be great. Go ahead with your version. I am going to go ahead and record it to make things easier on myself later. Do I have your permission for that?"

"Yes, I do not mind being recorded. Ok, so we were walking down A street- we had parked earlier at Flint's Diner and then walked to the bowling alley to shoot some pool. It was a little after nine o clock and we were about one hundred yards away from the overpass when I saw the car hit the guard rail out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see the car flip over the rail and crash down onto the sidewalk. I was a little shocked, but I started sprinting for the car. My brother went a different direction to help the guy that was hit and I opened up my phone to call nine one one. Um, when I got to the car, I pulled the girl out, Christine, and checked to make sure there was no one else in the car. Then I talked to the nine one one operator for a few minutes and waited for the ambulance. That is pretty muich it."

"Great. Now you said that you just saw her car hit the guard rail and flip over? There were no other cars swerving or unusual loud noises or anything?"

"Well... not that i could tell. It did all happen pretty fast but all I saw..." Tim was cut off as the doorbell rang and the door opened.

"Hey Tim, it is me! What is for dinner tonight?"

"Hey Kev! Come on in to the kitchen."

Kevin, who was a few years older than Tim, was also an inch shorter and twenty pounds heavier. "Whoa, hi there, officer. What is going on, Tim?"

"Hey, Kev, this if Officer... I am sorry I do not recall your name, Sir."

"Sure, I am Officer Fredricks. You are Kevin Benosn?" He reached his hand out to shake Kevin's hand.

"Yes Sir, I am. Is something the matter, Officer?"

"No, Mr. Benson, I am just reviewing the testimony you gentleman gave at the accidnet on A Street this week." Kevin was wearing a nice suit and was also very well groomed, with a large presence about him as if he was used to comanding attention wherever he went. Fredricks continued, "If you do not mind, I would like to have Tim finish his before we lose track." Kevin nodded his head and they both looked at Tim. The recorder was still going on the counter in between them.

"Sure, I was only saying that the first thing I remember seeing is the car itslef hitting the rail and flipping over it. I do not recall that there were any other factors involved." Tim was draining a pot of pasta as he continued his account. "I think that is all I really have to tell you."

"Thank you, Tim. Mr. Benson, just so you know, we are recording your testimony this evening. Can you tell me your version of what happened that night?" Kevin took a seat at the table, removing his jacket and tie.

"Of course. On Monday night we were walking from the bowling alley on A Street to where or cars were parked at the diner. There was a sound of squeeling tires and when I looked up, a blue sedan had struck the rail along the overpass and was flipping over it. I saw the car hit the ground and saw a pedestrian fall down dramtically. Tim and I both took off running, he was going for the car, so I went straight for the young man who had fallen. When I arrived, there was a large part of the car- I could only assume it was a piece of the bumper or something, that appeared to have struck him. He had his arms curled up in front of him and he was moaning loudly. there was not much that I could do for him- I do not have any type of rescue training or anything. I did dial nine one one but there was already sounds of an ambulance coming by the time I had explained to the operator where I was and what had happened. Tim, here, had called right away. I gave a brief statement to the officer and we were told that we could go home. By that time it was almost ten thirty."

Kevin took the beer that Tim was handging him and took a small swig as he finished. The Officer was nodding while jotting some notes on a pad.

"Is there anything else we can help you with, Officer?" Tim asked. He had served the plates and started putting things away, being the neat person that he was.

Officer Fredricks looked up and smiled at the young men. Seeing Tim standing by the full plates of hot food, he stood up and excused himself. "Thank you, gentleman, for your assistance. I am sure there will not be anything further. Just in case, though, I have the wrong number for you, Mr. Benson." 

Kevin reached in his wallet. "Here is my business card. My handwriting is illegible at best, so this is probably better, anyway. I apologize for that."

"Great. Thank you. Enjoy your dinner, guys. Good bye."

The End

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