Three days. It had been three days and two nights since the accident. Cherry had still not been able to see him, and the doctros were not sure how long he would be in a family-only status. Each day she had gone to school and come right back. There was a no tardy policy and she did not want to mess that up. It was hard, though, going to class every day and having to concentrate on what she was doing. Fortunately she had a natural talent for the nail tech business so she did not seem to be getting behind in the classes themselves, despite how distracted she was. At the hospital she would try to study the chemistry and health sections of her text so that she would be ahead when they got to those parts.

Sometimes Steven's sister would talk to her a little bit. She was fifteen and had the typical I can not stand you attitude with her brother, so from the beginning she did not really have much to do with Cherry, either. But for some reason, whether boredom or whether it was from finding compassion in her heart for her brother, or whether it was simply to spite her mother in teenage rebelion, she had begun to make friends with Cherry. It was really strange for Cherry, but she did encourage it. She did not make friends very easily, because most of them thought she was too serious, while others thought she was a snob for not doing the normal nineteen year old types of things. But she also knew that maybe one day Steven's family would be her family, and she would give anything to make that a wonderful things. Something seen on tv or read about in a novel. No one had ever really cared about her, so starting a positive relationship with Steven's sister was vital. Especially since his mom was still not warming up to her.

Cherry knew that all Sandra Jones had to do was tell the nurse staff that she was a part of Steven's life, and they would let her go and sit with him, if only for a few minutes. She was confused about why it was so difficult for Sandra to accept her or like her in the least! What Cherry did not know or realize was that Sandra was scared. She had never been able to keep a man in her life, and now that Steven was seventeen, she knew he would be leaving soon. To see him to happy with Cherry made her scared that she was being replaced. Even if life was hard and they did not have a great life, he was still her only son. The man of the house. Her first born. She could not loose him so easily to this young woman who appeared to be his current obsession. Cherry also did not realize that Sandra was bitter about the night of the crash. How dare she know about the accident first, insist that something was wrong when she, his mother, should have known it. She should have felt it. God Damn that girl, how dare she step in as if she were part of the family.

What Cherry was good at, though, was persistance. As a child she had to be a fighter- she had to make herself known so that she could get life's basics- food, clothing, a clean place to sleep. Early on she discovered that you only get what you can get for yourself. She had worked through high school and afterwards to save up for the beauty school. She knew that she could get her life on track with a learned skill. She worked so hard and saved up so much that once she started the school, she was able to work very little in order to study and get the most out of the classes so that she could be the best. Cherry knew she was not very smart, but she also knew that she could do what she put her mind to. It was all possible if she could just keep her strength and determination.

The End

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