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Arriving at the hospital, Christine had a resolve to get through the day quickly. She had started to get restless at home the evening before, and having her mom at her shoulder all morning was going to get old fast. Although she loved her mother and they were usually good friends, she was being a little sappy and overprtective right now, and all Christine really wanted was to get over it all and move on. But first she was going to have to see that Psychologist again.

"Good morning, Christine, you look much better today than the last time I saw you. How are you feeling?"

"I am all right. Glad to be home, I guess." Her resolve to take charge and get through this quickly was fading as she realized that Dr. Evoch would be taking charge of the conversation. Her stature shrunk just a bit and and she sighed quietly, sinking into a feeling that recognized how glad she was to not have to be so serious.

"Well, I am sorry that I missed you yesterday morning. When I stopped in to see you, you seemed to be sleeping well and I did not want to disturb you. But you have been discharged now, and if things go well this morning, you will not have to come back until next week. But we will talk about that later." She paused and looked up from her chart. "Now, when we left off, we were talking, of course, about why you crashed. Is there anything you would like to start off with this morning?"

Christine blinked. She thought that she would be answering uestions about herself and felt a little caught off guard. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with questions she had. Sitting forward, she started speaking hesitantly, but fervently. "Yes... actually. I am very confused about this other person who was hit. I mean... they are not telling me much, but I understand that part of my car hit this guy. How do I deal with that? I do not know how bad he was hurt, but... what if he dies? Am I responsible for that?" At the end of her short but fervent rant, she looked earnestly at Dr. Evoch's face.

The doctor had been giving Christine her full attention and kept her words pointed and concise so taht nothing would be missing from her reply. "That is something we will work on. If you start to feel guilt, we want to make sure that you talk about it and bring it up."

"Guilt? Oh, I had not even thought of that. So I am responsible?"

Shifting her weight, the doctor tried to change her direction, "Chrsitine, I do not know the details of your accident. We want to look at everything you experience to make sure that you understand and face things openly and thoroughly. We do not want anything hiding in the background."

Christine nodded and let her thoughts catch up to her enthusiasm. "You want to talk about what happened before I wrecked? It seems that a lot of people are asking me that question in some for. Actually, I do not think that people want to ask me so they take their time... not asking." It was not clear to either of them if the final phrase was actually a statement or more of an open question.

"Look, why do not you go back to that day. Let us even start with the beginning of the day. How did that day enfold?"

The End

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