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Finally she was alone. No noisy hospital with busy body nurses and doctors. No nagging mother or worrisome fiancee- Christine cringed with that thought, knowing she did not mean that, but still glad to have a few minutes peace from them. Chad had brought her to her apartment, where her mother was already there, making lunch and doing some chores. They ate lunch together, Christine thanking and not arguing with the fact that her mom had taken off from her work responsibilities to come and take care of her only daughter. Talk was light, and no one brought up any of the accident business, or any of the other important things that they really needed to take care of. They did tell her that her job and given her until Monday to get things sorted out, and chastised her to get some rest in the meantime. Sicne she did not have a car, she was given strict instructions to make sure to call one of them if she needed anything at all.

Trying not to make it seem that she was pushing them out the door, Christine was none the less able to get them out of the apartment by 1:00, promissing to be careful and call them with any needs that she may have. She turned off al of the lights in the kitchen area, and wlaked around noticing the things her mother had changed while she "picked up a little bit". In fact, she had straightened the books on the bookshelf, disinfected the kitchen, vaccumed what looked to be the entire place, and washed a load of towells. Christine wondered, vaguely, what she was supposed to do for the next several days, and determined to take some walks and get some fresh air. When she remembered her neck brace, however, she realized that not only did she not want to go outside liek this, she was not even going to be able to enjoy a bath until she received approval from her doctor.

Thinking of something, she grabbed a note pad from her desk and made a list of reminders:


1. Call Chad about going to the doctor's tomorrow morning

2. Call police station to find out about the stuff from my car

3. Call the insurance company back to see what needs to be taken care of



Suddenly she realized that no one had said anything to her about the young man who got hit by her car. Then she remembered that guy, Tim, who had come by. She looked in her bag that Chad had brought from the hospital, and took out all of the paperwork and information she had collected in the two days' time spent in recovery. Seeing all of it spread out before her next to the list she made was quite overwhelming. Not knowing how to handle it, she left it all and went to lay down on her bed. There were fresh flowers on her dresser, and she disconnectedly wondered if they were from chad or from mom. Lazily standing back up, she went over and saw a contruction paper card next to the flowers. 

'Chrissy- I miss you and I hope you feel better soon. Love, Michael' was written in blue crayon with pictures of a tall girl and a short boy (she and Michael) drawn next to it. There was no name in the flowers, but she assumed that Chad was the one behind this one, and again felt very thankful for his unexpected affection today. She even smiled a little, and stuck the card up in the edge of her mirror, careful that it did not rip. She had a feeling that it would become one of her treasures, and suddenly missed him deeply.

Still not sure what to do with herself, she headed for the bathroom, intending to take a real shower with her own linens and soaps, instead of teh tiny cold one at the hospital. Here she found that her mother had been in there as well- all of her toiletries were carefully lined up and the sink and mirrors had been obviously cleaned. Although Christine was not considered a messy person, she could tell that things were much nicer than usual. Instead of being grateful and amused at this, however, she felt extreme annoyance.

What was wrong with her? All of the sudden she just felt so negative and frustrated. And annoyed! At everything and everyone. The neck brace was not helping, either. Trying to get comfortbale, she changed into her favortie pajamas and sat back down on the bed. She felt alone, but could not think of anyone she really wanted to spend time with what right now. It occured to her that she wanted to drive. To get in the car and go and not think about why or where. Flashing back to the day of the accidnet, she wondered if that was not exactly what she ahd been doing when she crashed. Maybe that is why she missed picking up Michael and was taking so long to get to her mother's house. Speaking of, she was not even sure where the accident hapened! How come no one had mentioned that to her? They had her at the hospital next to the college campus, but she was sure that the ambulance radius from there may have been about 30 miles, so taht was not much help. Thinking back, she tried to remember what she saw and felt during and leading up to the actual crash.

Annalyzing helped her to relax. Going back to her desk, she stated to work, gathering the information from the hospital and making sure that she understood what she needed to do to help herself heal. She also checked her email and started to fill out the paperwork that the insurance company was requesting. As she started to put the pieces together of the facts and issues surrounding the accident, she started to feel much better. When she sat back a few hours later, she realized that she had started to squint and the room was beginning to get dark. In her focus on what she was doing, it had not even occured to her to turn the lights back on or anything. She headed toward the kitchen with the intent to get a drink, and realized that not only was the bathroom light still on, she had never taken that shower. After turning it off, she was once again distracted from the kitchen as her phone started to ring. Noticing that it was 5:30 and Chad would be in class right now, she wondered who it could be.

When she picked up the phone to answer the call, she noticed that it was an unidentified number, but that it was local. "This is Christine." She answered, clearing her throat since it had been a few hours since she had spoken out loud.

"Yes, Hi, this is Priscilla with South Regional Hospital and I was calling to confirm your appointment with Dr. Evoch tomorrow morning."

"Oh, yes, um, at 8am, right?"

"That is right. Please come a few minutes early and bring your ID and insurance cards so that we can get you registered."

"Ok, thank you."

"You are welcome. If you have any questions, you can call the number on your paperwork. We will see you at your appointment."


Christine hung up the phone and realized that she had not yet talked to Chad about needing a ride the next morning.

The End

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