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Now here she was, scared to death that she would lose the person who had made the biggest difference in her life. She did not have a supportive family and her friends were all smoking pot and drinking their lives away. Steven had a way of giving her hope. They had met by accident at the grocery store, of all places. After buying things for dinner, a bag had split on her way out the door and he stopped, just a stranger passing by, helping her pick up all of the dropped items. He then carried some of the items out for her, and ended up walking her home so that she would not lose any more groceries. He turned out to be still in high school, a kid, but a nice kid. They talked for so long that she invited him to stay for dinner. Blushing, he declined, but took her phone number so that they could meet some other time.

What it he did not recover? She could not believe that of all the people in her life that did not make a difference or she had not cared about, the single one that she had just met and started to care for was in crtical care. And his family did not even seem to think that she was worth talking to. They had barely acknowledged her when she arrived at the hospital, and they had not bothered to make sure she was included when the doctors and nurses came to give them updates. She needed to leave soon so that she could go to calss. After all, if she did lose him, she needed to be able to continue on with life. She could not let one boy stop her from doing what was best for life. Hopefully they would let her in to see him in the next hour. She had been waiting for seven hours.

A few moments later the doctor came out. "Steven is out of surgery. However, he is comatose. We do not know how long he will be in this state. Immediate family may visit him for short periods of time. In this stage of recovery, his status may change quickly and we need the family to be cooperative with us so that we can take care of his the best that we can. Mrs. Jones, if you go with this nurse, you can see him first."

Cherry watched sorrowfully as Sandra left the room. It suddenly occured to her that maybe they would not let her in to see them. Was she considered immediate family? just a girlfriend that they had barely met? It did not matter, she would make sure that she got in to see them. She was not even sure that his family cared as much as she did.

The End

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