She was more scared than she had ever felt. She and Steven and made a real connection. Maybe even something permanent. They were going to get maried and maybe one day they could move in together. She could not believe this was happening. His mother and sister sat there next to her, but they did not know her. They had not accepted her into their family yet and had no idea how deep her real feelings were.

When Steven did not show up for dinner that night, she thought that maybe he had gotten held up at work. She was incredibly dissapointed and even annoyed when he did not respond to her text messages. Maybe things were not as great as she thought, after all. Before going to bed a few hours later, she turned on the news and saw that a terrible accident had happened a few blocks away. Suddenly she was filled with dread. Steven had to go that way to get to her house. She frantically started calling his cell phone while looking up the number to his house. After two unanswered calls, she tried the other number, hoping that the worse response she would get would be his angry mother because he was alright and she was a crazy girlfriend calling in the middle of the night.

"Hello?" A groggy, annoyed voice answered after three rings.

"Hi. Ms. Sandra? This is Candy... Steven's girlfriend."

"Why are you calling, Candy? It is the middle of the night and I have to get up early. What is the problem with you kids?"

"I am so sorry, m'am, but Steven was supposed to come over and... Well, is he at home? He did not come for dinner and... please, can you see if he is at home?"

"What? Young lady, you need to go to bed. If my son is out with some other girl, that is your problem, not mine. Go to sleep and don't you dare call here like this again." She about hung up when she heard a horrible sob come over the phone.

"Please! Look, there has been a horrible accident! I need to see if he is alright... Please, Ms. Sandra, I am sorry if I am wrong, but he is not answering his phone and I think... I think he may have just gotten hurt in the accident."

Sudden;y Sandra was wide awake. "Cherry- What are you talking about? Calm down girl."

"I... he was supposed to be here at 9:00 after work, but... he did not come and... there was an accident. it is on the news. Ms. Sandra, I think he was hit by a car. Have you heard from him? Please tell me you heard from him?" Instead of an answer, she heard the phone fall and a voice screaming for Steven. It sounded like Steven's mom believed her and was searching the house for him. After a lot of noise and a few slammed doors, the other end went quiet.

"Sandra?" Cherry hung up the phone, wondering what she should do next. She was all alone in her house and did not have a car. Going back to the tv, a different story was on and the world had moved on from the story about the accident.

A few hours later, her cell phone would ring with Steven's number. When she frantically answered, it was Sandra on the other end. "Cherry. It is Steven's mom. Steven is at the hospital. He is in surgery. I just wanted to let you know." Sandra had hung up the phone without another word.

The End

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