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He felt like he had to do it. Kevin did not understnad. Kevein told him to stay out of it. Kevin was always telling him what to do. Jsut because he was the bigger, more responsible one... just because it wasn't ever his fault... that did not mean that he knew everything.

As it were, Tim had already bought flowers. Here he was, at the hospital, suddenly running out of nerve. Standing in the entrance of the hospital lobby, he took a deep breath of resolution and walked forward. Smiling at the front desk attendant, he asked for the room he was looking for. After receiving directions, he went to the elevators and headed toward Christine's room. He felt somehow, as he passed the nurses stations, looking for the correct room, that he was guilty of something. Liek he was trying to get away with a task that the nurses and attendants (and God knows anyone else) woud not approve of. It seemed pretty crazy. Finding the door at the end of the hall closed, he hesitated one more time.

Not realizing that he had been standing there for an inordinate amoutn of time, he was quite startled when a female voice cleared their throat at his elbow.

"Hello, young man. Are you looking for Christine?" The woman had a very kind face, and even though he was embarrased, she somehow comforted him and set his nerves a little more at ease.

"ahm, yes, yes, I am. I... I did not want to disturb her, though. I guess it is kind of silly to visit someone without calling first."

"Ah, well. I am Alice, Christine's mother. Do you mind if I go in and say good morning? I could tell her that you are here."

"Oh, yes m'am, that would be just fine. I..."

"Yes?" She asked, noticing that he seemed to have more to say, but already opening the door herself.

"Well, I just was going to say she may not remember me. I... my name is Tim- Timothe Benson. I saw her crash, and I wanted to make sure she is alright." He had stuck out his hand to properly introduce himself as Alice's eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Why, come right in, young man! Thank you for coming, she will be so pleased to meet you, I am sure!"

Christine looked up at her mother when she enterred. She had gotten up and showered, and was wearing the loose clothing that Alice had brought from the house the day before. Although she had gotten plenty of sleep, the pain from the bruises, as well as emotional eshaustion, were much more prominent on her face. Putting on a brave smile for Mom, her eyes narrowed in mistrust when yet another stranger enterred the room.

"Darling, this is Tim! He is the one that helped you agter the accident! Look, he has brought you some flowers." She came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I will leave you two, but I just wanted to say Good Morning. I am going to be down in the waiting room whenever you need a visit."

"Thanks, Mom, but you do not have to go!" The truth was, she really was not wanting to keep up conversation with a stranger and did not see the need for her mother to leave. To Tim, she said, "It was very nice of you to come by. I guess I owe you a great thanks for helping me out."

Blushing, Tim was starting to regret his decision to come. He felt quite akward. "It was not problem. I am glad that you are awake. When they put you in the ambulance, no one told us anything. I heard them say your name when they checked for you ID. So I wanted to bring these flowers- I thought, I dont know, that they would help cheer you up, I guess?"

She smiled tiredly at him. "Thank you, I really do appreciate it. I remember you talking to me before the ambulance came. But I do not remember anyone else?"

"Oh, yes, my brother- Kevin. He went to help the guy that was hit... um, when you crashed."


"Yeah, so... well, here. These flowers are for you. I am going to go ahead and uh... go. I just wanted to stop by quickly. Have a fast recovery!"

Alice butted in- "Tim?"

"Yes, M'am?"

"Why don't you leave me your contact number so that we can properly thank you. Would you mind? I suppose it is an old fashioned thing to do, but I really can not help it!"

He smiled easily at her. "Of course, m'am. Here is my business card. My information is on there- I run a business at home, so it is my personal information. It was very nice to meet you! Um, both of you!" After handing over the card, he quickly scooted out the door, letting a big sigh as he quickly walked down the hallway. It had been a disaster, and Kevin had been right. There was no reason for him to have gone there. He needed to just move on and not worry about her.

The End

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