Steven walked through the bushes to cut across the neighborhood. An old "Why did the chicken.." joke crossed his mind and he laughed at himself. His new girlfriend, Cherry, lived just a few blocks away and since they started dating a month ago, this walk had become quite the routine. She was older than him- 19 and in going to a school to become a nail tech. His friends in school thought he was the coolest for scoring a chick that had already graduated. He just had another half year of school and then he would be free- they talked about moving in together, since he would be full time at his warehouse job and she would be licensed by then and making money, too. Even though he joked with his buddies, his time with her was practically life changing. He knew that she could inspire him to be much better than anyone else ever believed. Around her, he was the kindest and most sophisticated man that he could muster.

Today was their first real date. Her parents were gone and she was going to cook him dinner. He had snuck a bottle of wine from his mom's cabinet and was more excited than he had ever been. This feeling was one of extacy, and he hoped to find in her in just as much of a good mood. Surely they were meant to be together- everything just felt so right! It had been a perfect day, not only because he had been looking forward to this night all week, but he had found his dad's class ring that had been lost since the school year started, and his boss had stopped to tell him what a great job he was doing, whcih was about the rarest thing that ever happened at his job. Yes, everything was set up just right.

Coming to a street, he looked both ways as he continued to walk fast, and seeing that the street was just as quiet as usual, he continued his giddy strides. Suddenly his whole body seemed to convulse as he heard a deafening sound and flew back into the bushes he had just come through. Something had struck his left side so hard that he could not breathe and the last thing he thought of before blacking out was that he had to let Cherry knoew that he might be late for their dinner date. What he did not know was how badly he had just been struck by the metal bumper from Christine's car as it flew through the air after her car slammed into thr ground.

Kevin Benson, seeing the crash as he walked with his brother, sprinted as fast as he could to Steven, wondering if what he just saw tear into the boy's body had severed it in half.

The End

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