Holiday PlansMature

"Hi! It's Mom!!" Alice opened the door without knocking to find her daughter and future son in law deep in conversation. They both smiled at her- the frist genuine smile she had seen her daughter come up with all day. "Oh, I am sorry to interupt, is it okay if I go ahead and come in?"

"Of course, Mom. We just thought we would take the down time to discuss your favorite topic."

"Oh? Adn what would that be?"

"Wedding plans!" The couple grinned at Alice as she beemed at them.

"Oh, I can not wait! And is my little Michael here, too?"

Christine and Chad looked at each other and sobered a little. "No, Mrs. jennings, I was not able to bring him by today. Maybe we will wait until Christine can get back home."

"Well... Perhaps it is better that he not see her in the neck brace. Have you spoken with the doctor since I saw you last?"

Chad interupted, "Before you start, I am goign to go get some dinner- Christine ate an hour ago and I am starting to get a little hungry." Kissing them both, he excused himself from the room.

"Darling, can you please convince that man of yours to call me Alice? Even mom would be fine, but this whole Mrs. Jennings business is just not right for my future son in law." already distracted by another thought, Christine answered distractedly, "Sure, I will mention it to him." Seeing that her daughter's mind was already somewhere else, she took Chad's seat and determined that small talk might be good medicine for now, and she could find out the important facts a little bit later. She showed Christine the items she had brought from Chrsitine's apartment and then started asking questions about the holidays, since that was why they were supposed to get together the night before. As the conversation went on, though, it quickly came back to the present situation.

"Well, Mom, I just do not see it being on the top of my importance list this year. I need to patch things up with Chad and the situation with Michael- we do not know what Georgette's plans are for Thanksgiving. I want to make sure that I am open for whatever happens there. I know that I was going to help you plan the big event for the family, but I just can not commit to it this year."

Alice tried not to show how hurt she was. "Oh, ok, well, maybe you can help me come up with the menu... and maybe you will be able to help me set up or something. It will work out, honey. Besides, you will be out of the hospital in a few days, right? It is still a few weeks before Thanksgiving week. What is your class schedule like?"

"They have not told me when I will be leaving. I think they want to check on my neck. And as for my schedule... I have two term papers due the day before Thanksgiving. Did you say you brought my laptop?"

"Yes, I did. Have the doctors said anything else?"

"Um, yeah, the doctor is having a Psychologist come by. I guess they are worried about the effects of the accident." She paused. "Mom? Have you heard anything about the guy that was hit?"

"No, sweety, they do not tell us things like that. You are not a minor, so they will not even tell me medical things. I learned that last year when I tried to help you get those test results, remember?"

Christine chuckled, "Yeah I sure do. They would not tell you if I had a high iron test because I did not give my written consent.

The End

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