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"Christine, I wanted to stop by and see you agian before I go off shift. There will be another doctor here on staff, but he will not be as involved with your recovery as I am. Are you ready to talk about some more things?" It was four pm Doctor Andrews had walked into the room while Christine was alone watching t.v.

"I guess so. The nurse said I could not have any more pain killers, though, so I am a little uncomfortable." She resented him for some reason that she had not yet analyzed. 

"Well, they keep those records. I will double check, but it is very likely that your injuries are minor enough that you do not need anything stronger." He spoke as he examined her neck and checked the digital chart in his hand. "We do not want you to simply sleep through the pain. We need you to actively help yourself heal. It is all part of the process of retunring to a healthy state. Do you understand what I mean?"

Christine nodded yes slowly but did not speak. She looked at the floor, wanting for some reason that he should just go away and let the nurse take care of her.

"Ok, Miss Jennings, that also brings me to something we need to discuss. ...I am concerned about why you steered your car over that overpass. You said that there were no physical distractions that caused you to turn the wheel? Nothing scared you or bumped you? Maybe your tire blew or something?"

Christine's eyes began to water but she took a deep breath to clear her head. "No, sir. I didn't black out or have car trouble or anything. Why does everyone keep asking me this?" She asked, biting her lip and looking away again.

"Christine, we want to know what happened. It is not common for a person to drive off the road without there being a factor of some sort. I am going to have someone else come and talk to you. He is a Psychologist. It is important that you be very honest with him. We do not want something like this to happen again adn your family needs to know that, too."

Just as he finished, her door creaked open again. It was Chad.

"Ok, I will be back in the morning. Dr. Evoch will be by in a few hours. Make sure you take steps to help yourself heal, young lady."

With a fake smile, Christine thanked him and then turned her attention to Chad, beckoning him to come closer to the bed and sit down. 


Dr. Andrews turned away, furling his eyebrows and sighing. Most of the people that came through the hospital were either older and knew the hospital routine, or were in for a specific reason and ready to get back out again. It was cases like these... like Christine Jennings'. These were the ones taht ached his heart. He knew she was depressed and would have a hard time healing and he just wished that he could spend more time, helping her discover how to really make things better. She had a long road ahead, and he was just an outsider wishing her well.

The End

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