It was a beautiful fall evening as Timothy and his brother return to walk to their car. It was not very often that the two were able to get together, but tonight they had gone out to a local grill for dinner, then walked down to a pub for a few games of pool. As they returned to their cars at the restaraunt, the air between them started to go a little stale. Most of the evening's talk had revolved around simple things- Kevin's wife and baby, their jobs, rumors about old school aquaintances, and other small sujects. It had been enjoyable but the entire evening had gone by without a single mention of the really tough subject between them. 

Tim opened his mouth to say something when he suddenly saw a light flash across the sidewalk and building to his right. From the corner of his eye, he saw Kevin also react as they whipped their heads up just in time to see a small sedan hit the guard rail of the overpass ahead of them. Both men had stopped in their tracks, and watched as the sedan continued it's movement up and over that guardrail, plumetting to the ground below. A collective, shocked gasp passed between them, as they both started sprinting to where the car had landed. As they ran, Tim pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and flipped it open.

His pace slowed a bit as he glanced down to dial 9-1-1, and he felt his brother go off away from the car a bit. Glancing over as he continued to jog toward the car and the phone started ringing, he saw that there was someone laying on the ground in the direction his brother ran. Adrenaline coursed through him as he went around to the driver's side of the car and stooped down to try to look through the windows. They were broken but the old style metal frame of the car had not crushed completely. He could see a female in the driver's seat, and put his phone down, pressing the speaker phone button as he did so.

The car had hit a tree and street sign on the way down, probably saving the girl's life and allowing him to get through to her. Her eyes were closed but there wasn't much blood as he reached across to unbuckle the seat belt with his left hand whil cradling the back of her neck with his left. Slowly he pulled her body out, trying to take as much weight as possible on his left hand and arm. As he lay her on the sidewalke, he saw a lot of blood starting to pool around her right leg. He took his jacket off and wraped it around the leg, then went back to see if he could get a response from her.

In the meantime, he realized that someone was talking through the speaker on his phone. 

"oh! hello? 9-1-1? I... I just saw a really bad car accident. There was a woman... and she has her eyes closed. Please send an ambulance!"

"ok, sir. Please stay calm. I need to verify your location..." As she asked about cross streets and other vehicles involved, he checked to see if she had a pulse and was breathing. Although he didn't have any sort of rescue training, he could tell that there was a pulse in her wrist, and she was even starting to moan and move slightly.

"M'am, I think she is waking up! Is there anything else I should do?"

"Just stay with her. Are there any other people near you that can help?"

"UMmm, yeah, my brother-" As he turned to look for Kevin, he remebered seeing him run towards another person. Turning his head, he spotted him kneeling 100 yards away. "Wait, he is with another person! Um, my brother is with someone on the ground... I don't know if he is ok or not."

"Ok, sir, stay with the young woman and if she wakes up, I need you to try to keep talking to her, ok? Help is on it's way to your location."

The End

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