What Has HappenedMature

"Miss Jennings, I am your medical doctor. I need to know everything that happened last night so that I can properly treat you," The doctor started. "Now, I am not an officer and I am not an insurance agent. You need to tell me as much truth as possible so that you can heal soon and heal well. Do you understand? There will be officers and the type in and out of here because you did have a major car accident. But I am not personally concerned with those details unless they pertain to your health and well being."

Christine nodded her understanding and waited for him to continue. After taking a few minutes to look at her chart loaded into his netbook, he began:

"Christine, I need you to tell me everything that you remember right before your car accident last night." At the end of the sentence he looked straight into her eyes very seriously.

"Oh, well.... I was just driving to my Mom's house. We were going to make some plans for the holidays and she was expecting me. I..... I was just driving. I guess I was a little distracted and I looked down at the traffic when I came to an overpass. And then i just steered the car and it went over the side. I know that I hit the rail- I guess that's why my neck hurts? And then... there was a guy next to me. He had pulled me out of the car and that's really all I know until I woke up about an hour ago."

The doctor had typed a few notes into his computer but didn't say anything when she stopped.

"Sir... am I hurt? No one has even said anything." Again he just looked at her, as if he was considering everything she had said and didn't know whether to believe her. Finally he looked back down at the screen in his hand and said,

"Christine, you have sprained some of your neck muscles and for that we have you in a brace that you will need to wear for a few weeks. You also have stitches in your right leg where you received a large gash seven inches long. You have multiple bruises along your left hip, ribs, and arm, but nothing there is broken. Right now I am concerned about your cranial activity- concusions and the sort. Before you went off the side of the road, do you recall blacking out at all?"

"Well, yes, I suppose I blacked out when I went over the side of the road. I don't remember landing on the road below or that guy, Jim, pulling me out of the car. Also I-"

"No, Miss Jennings, I mean before you steered off the road. What caused you to drive off of the road?" He had pulled up a chair and was staring directly into her eyes again. She blinked as her eyes began to tear up and tried not to look away from his gaze.

"I um... I was just looking at the side of the road and then I.... I just suddenly was going in that direction!" She started to choke up as the stress of her situation began weighing on her. The doctor sighed and stood up.

"You need to rest. I will send your mother back in. Let the nurse know if you start to have any discomfort. I will be back this evening to check on you and ask some more questions." As he started to step through the door, she stopped him.

"Wait. Please, not my mother... just send Chaz in. He's my fiance."

The End

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