The CrashMature

It seemed like a deep haze. One of those dreams where you can't see the scenery and try to open your eyes wider, only resulting in a wakened and frustrated state. Her body was sluggish, too. There was noise nearby, but she couldn't determine what it was, exactly. Her vision cleared before her ears, and what she saw didn't make sense. It wasn't one of those wakings where you don't know where you are- it was so much worse than that. Everything was wrong, and not in the way it should be when waking up. Her head was against something hard, and there were too many lights to be the electronic annoyances of things in the bedroom. Parts of her body hurt much worse than just simple cramps that occur during the night. She realized that the smell was very offensive and there was a person's foot very close to her head. Finally, she realized that she could hear- and it was so overwhelming, she attempted to pull her arms up to cover her head. Someone else stopped her, grabbing her arms before they could shield her. The very action of being grabbed resulted in a jump from her whole torso, causing low spasms of pain to radiate throughout her body. 

Crouching next to her head appeared to be a man whom she did not recognize. Suddenly she knew what was going on. She had reemed out of control on the interstate. Some one must have pulled her out of the car. Was she alright? The realization that she had actually hurt herself was starting to kick in. What had she done? What was she thinking? She tried to relax and then focus on the man still holding her arms.

"I have called for help, miss. Please stay still until someone comes to help us. You have a big gash on your head. Can you hear me?"

She blinked a few times at him and tried to make sense of what her reply should be.

"Yes," she replied steadily. It was taking a lot of effort to focus on his face and words, and she was glad to have it. She sighed and closed her eyes again, thinking how nice it would be to just go to sleep and worry about this later. It was a common thought to have. How many times just this week did she give in and close her eyes for a nap in the stalling of making a decision or completing a task? But the man shook her again.

"Please, I think you should stay awake. I think.... Look, you have to stay awake until the ambulance gets here. They will no what to do. I don't know... were you alone in your car?"

She stared at him and then slowly nodded yes. She was usually alone. That was how things were in her life.

The man continued to say random things to her, focusing mostly on what he saw, but she was not paying attention. Instead she thought of a conversation from her movie reveiw class with Lydia. It must have been a few days ago and they were talking about a movie involving strangers meeting at a crash scene. Should she be worried that this man was going to steal something from her? Did she hit his car and kill someone? Did she cause some random series of events that will forever come back to haunt her? Meanwhile, he was probably answering many of the questions she had while she watched him talk without hearing any of the meat of his sentences. 

There was no telling how long this went on, at least not from her viewpoint. When the paramedics arrived at her side, she knew little more than that which she knew before steering away from the interstate. She knew that she had crashed the nissan into the middle of the road, the man had pulled her out, and his name was Tim. His brother was there, but she had no idea what his name was or where he was while "Tim" knelt by her body and talked incessantly to keep her awake. The paramedics get him to move and checked her vitals before placing her on a stretcher and pushing her into the ambulance. She started to feel sleepy again but somehow knew that it was ok while in the care of these medical personnel. 

The End

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