Deciding to JumpMature

A young woman begins to make uncharacteristically bad decisions that effect every aspect of her life.

She drove through the dark night on autopilot. It was after dusk and she was slightly under the speed limit.Staring out the front window, she probably would have been greatly startled if anything happened to jump out in front of the car. She had been driving for nearly an hour, having left home and not even adjusted the seat or the ac, and left the radio off.

A million things raced through her brain as she drove on and on. There was no destination, no intention. Just the need to drive, to be moving without expending energy. To see the lights flitting past and the other people going anywhere and everywhere. It was just time to think about everything. Not to make decisions or resolutions or solve problems, just to mull it all over and see how many directions they will go. If someone asked her what she thought about, she would hesitate. There wouldn't be a straight or easy answer to the question.

But the fact was that these were vital thoughts. The ones that shape her as a person, and the ones that tend to knaw at the mind and return to torture the thinker.

As she went along, she glanced at the streets below the overpasses on each exit. It was interesting how each one was relatively busy. How people just drove through intersections, trusting that everything will be ok. Believing that they will make it home safely at the end of the night. No one thinks that a loved one won't come home or that their world will be upside down the next day because a tragic accident. How do people deal with it, how do they move forward? She wondered these things, driving along the interstate, looking at all the people unnasuming in their travels.

What If I just pulled off of one of these overpasses? What would happen if I crashed? Suddenly it wasn't a question anymore. It was a logical choice. In a second's time, she veered off sharply to the right and blacked out.

The End

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