Will You Be My Partner?

Yuri and Jessica are now a good few kilometers at the currently exploding buildings of the Jang Empire. They have successfully evaded their enemies and obtained the white jade dragon figurine. Yuri glanced outside and smiled. She pressed a few buttons on her car and successfully turned its auto pilot before turning to the still quiet Jessica.

“Jessica… I’m sorry for suddenly disappearing these past few months. I actually managed to track down your head quarters and begged Tiffany to take me in. I trained ahrd for a few months until your organization recognized my talent and gave missions. At first I thought that it was to divert my attention and to somehow avenge Sooyeon’s death by tracking down the Mafia leaders and the other criminals. But this past month… I’ve finally managed to sort out my feelings…”

Yuri lifted Jessica’s head so that their eyes would meet.

“I finally admitted to myself that I was doing this because it somehow makes me feel closer to you… It took me long to admit to myself that I had loved you for whom you are all those times that you were posing as Sooyeon… And now, I’m finally ready to give this a try. I’m not saying that I have finally gotten over her. All I’m saying is I’m not going to lose the love of my life again just because I’m too much of a coward to confess and to risk all that I have.”

Yuri smiled.

“Will you join me in this path? Will you be my partner?”

Jessica bit her lower lip before slowly smiling. She then nodded which made Yuri smile wider.

Yuri then turned her head towards the path they were taking as she held Jessica’s hand and squeezed it lightly. The orange glow of the sun was bathing the road with its warm light.

“This episode has ended but there’s still more to come. We may face ups and downs and make good and bad memories. Yet in all these, I promise that would still find happiness for you are here by my side and I could not wish for anything more.”

Jessica looked at Yuri and smiled. She tightened their intertwined hands and gave it a light squeeze.

I may not hold Sooyeon’s memories and may not be the one who spent her childhood with you. Yet from now on, I would spend my remaining life by your side. And we would make memories. A lot of memories together. Memories that we would cherish forever.

The End

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