The Mission

“Do you call this a mission Hwang Tiffany?!”

Jessica shouted loudly, battling the noise of the bombs going off nearby.

“I am still your superior, agent! Please show some respect.”

Jessica rolled on the floor and hid behind a crate.

“I’ll show you what respect is once I get my hands on you!”

She emptied a magazine on her opponents before turning back her attention to the girl on the other line.

“Ahhh! Hwang Tiffany!”

“Hey don’t be mad Jessie. You were the one who asked for a difficult mission. Besides, your partner should be there any minute.”

Jessica needed to climb up a few crates, throw a grenade and shoot five more men before she finally had the chance to hide behind a wall and turn back her attention to Tiffany.

“Partner? What partner? I told you specifically that I don’t need and I don’t want one!”

“Well that’s too bad, because I’m already here.”

The sudden voice startled Jessica and almost made her shoot the person in the process. It was a good thing she immediately recognized who the person was.

“Yu… Yuri?”

“Just call me black pearl.”

Yuri winked at Jessica before shooting some men at a distance. She then held Jessica’s hand and dragged her away from the scene before pushing a controller on her hand which made a bomb nearby to go off.

“I can see in your eyes that you have a lot of questions but let’s chit-chat later at the car. The mission first. Do you have the white jade dragon figurine?”

The stunned Jessica could only nod as they continue to run towards a black car.

Yuri nodded.

“Good. Hop in.”

Yuri pressed a button of the controller she’s holding and the doors of the car slip upward. They then hurriedly hopped inside and zoomed out of the scene.

The End

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