Six Months After...

“What do you mean you can’t find her?! It was splendid the first month! You managed to report to me everything she’s doing and then poof… she’s suddenly gone? How could that be possible? She’s just a simple girl! How can she just disappear without a trace!”

Suddenly, two girls entered the office, the other went straight to the fuming mad blonde girl while the other proceeded into ushering out the group of men inside the office.

“Jessi! would you calm down please?”

The new comer immediate tried reasoning out with the other girl, who was still fuming mad.

“Fany, how could I not be? It has been six months yet they still can’t find Yuri! How can they be called the best in the field!”


The one called Fany held her friend’s hand and squeezed it lightly.

“We know that even though you won’t vocally tell us, Yuri has been a really important part of your life but Jessi… Please understand. Yuri’s going through a lot now. If doesn’t want to be found, then let her be. She needs time to sort things out…”

“But Fany… I’m merely worried ok?… It has been months. The least I could do for my sister was to take care of the one person who occupies the top most spot of her priority list…”

Fany sighed. When will her friend admit even to herself that she’s no longer doing this for her sister?

“Hmm.. Jessie… I think it’s time I give you another mission and this time, you’ll report directly to me.”

The End

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