So this is it?

Jessica glanced at the now quiet Yuri and sighed. Yuri then suddenly raised her head and met Jessica’s gaze with sadness.

“So this is it… the end?”

Jessica merely nodded, stunned at the hopelessness of the voice. She then looked down and averted Yuri’s hopeless gaze.

“I… I actually thought that it was Mr. Lee at first because why would a co-owner visit a branch regularly? But then it turned out that his son, Lee Hong Ki was working secretly at our branch…”

Jessica glanced at Yuri. She had nothing else to say.

“Is that all?”

Yuri’s sudden voice surprised Jessica that she was unable to reply for a few seconds.

“Uh… Uh… Yes. That’s all.”

Jessica watched as Yuri stood up from her seat and steadied herself.

“Then I’d be going.”


Yuri glanced back at Jessica at the sudden call of her name.

“Yuri-shi… I’m sorry…”

And to these sad words, Yuri’s answer was a mere nod before finally leaving the room.

The End

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