The Explanation

"With the now empty orphanage far from the road, hidden by trees and “owned” by the old maid Miss Kang, the Mafia decided to start their slave business. At first, we really had no clue as to where the bodies of the overdosed heroine victims popping in different locations were coming from for the Mafia was definitely brushing their traces."

Agent Jessica took out a few photos and showed it to Yuri.

"Any agent sent to any location ends up dead at the end of the day. Our really big break was the discovery of my twin sister’s corpse which gave us the chance to infiltrate the sanitized environment that the mafia leader created. Jinwook apparently surrounded himself with a very good image and a lot of young people who could protect him and testify in his advantage. He also took the two of you under his wings because you are the only orphans from that orphanage left here in Korea and he could no longer dispose the two of you because you are already standing on your own."

The agent pulled out from the suitcase, two documents with Sooyeon and Yuri's names in it.

"It was at first, a real advantage to him for he was keeping the two of you busy, he has the orphanage as a temporary storage of sex slave girl’s who were drugged before auctioned and sent to the elite who would own them, and he has these café with lava lamp souvenirs which she could use as containers of the free heroine pack included with the sex slave as a package."

"Remember the time we visited the orphanage? I found a needle there while inside the storage room, I saw a lava lamp."

"Well it was a real advantage, that was until Sooyeon found a lava lamp or a box of them in the storage room, and in her curiousity, opened it and found inside a syringe and a packet of heroine and citric acid powder. In her shocked state she ran towards the one place that comforts her, the swing at the back of the orphanage. Those swings were working perfectly well when we went there considering the fact that it should not have been used for years. What Sooyeon did was apparently, a case of really bad timing for she saw something she shouldn’t have seen which cost her her life…”

The End

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