Ms. Kang and Uncle Kang?

Jessica glanced at the now crying and obviously broken Yuri before sorrowfully continuing her narration.

“We found Sooyeon’s corpse at a park nearby and immediately suspected that something was not right. We have been trying to figure out the identity of the leader of the branch of mafia here but he’d concealed himself completely. But that incident was so suspicious and especially heart wrenching for me that I decided to pose as her and find out what had happened. And I actually uncovered, something more than I have expected.”

Sooyeon opened black suitcase and showed Yuri its content.

“I found out that the orphanage where you and Sooyeon grew up was under the guidance of Ms. Kang Min Chi, Kang Jinwook’s sister. It appears that these two used the orphanage as a storage establishment of the heroines that they have managed to import illegally. Apparently, years after, the Mafia decided to add a sex slave branch here. That was the year, around three years ago when the orphans at the orphanage were all suspiciously adopted in just a short period of time."

The End

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