"Sooyeon's" Identity

“Are you saying that you have just deceived us all, that you are not Sooyeon, that Sooyeon is dead, and that Uncle Kang is a Mafia leader?! What kind of sick joke is this Sooyeon?!”

Yuri punched the table with anger, sadness and disbelief glowing in her eyes. She and “Sooyeon” were in one of the rooms of the Special Operations Task Force building. It has just been hours since the capture of Mr. Jinwook Kang, a Mafia branch leader. Lt. Dellray allowed “Sooyeon” to explain to Yuri what had happened in the insistence of the former. Sooyeon argued that it was the least they could do for Yuri after robbing her the right to properly bury her childhood friend.

“I am Special Agent Jessica and according to my research, Sooyeon is my identical twin. Our mother died when we were born and our father died months before that. I was immediately adopted by the apparent Head of one of the divisions of the tasks force, thus resulting into me being an agent. Sooyeon on the other hand was brought to the orphanage where you two grew up. I knew nothing about these situations before the death of my sister…”

The End

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