Señor's Identity

At that exact moment, Yuri woke up from her shocked state and seeing Sooyeon beside her, she immediately remembered the events moments ago. This frightened her so much that she ran away from Sooyeon towards a corner of the room where she took a vase and made it a makeshift weapon. Sooyeon, finally noticing Yuri tried to calm her down but only managed to aggravate the look of fright in the younger girl’s eyes.

            “What is happening?! And who are you?!”

            “Yuri… I’ll explain everything later… Please calm down…”

            Sooyeon tried to get closer to Yuri but even before she could do so, Yuri threw the vase towards her and ran towards the door. Sooyeon merely dodged the vase and run and jumped towards Yuri, also pressing a certain pressure point at the back of her neck in the process. Yuri’s body immediately went limp as she lost consciousness.

            I’m sorry Yuri.

            The phone rang.

            Sooyeon then picked Yuri up and dropped her on the sofa beside the phone. She then picked the phone up and anxiously talked to her superior.

            “Lt. Dellray, I assumed you’ve found sufficient evidences on the orphanage. Now arrest a certain Jiwook Kang before he gets out of the country. He’s the leader of the branch of Mafia specializing in sex slaves. He’s also the leader of the heroine suppliers for the elite in the country. It is possible that he has just received the news of our escape and is now planning for his.”

            “Thank you. And good luck Sir.”

            After saying that, Sooyeon put down the phone and looked at Yuri with a sad smile.

            “I’m sorry Yuri… I’m really sorry.”

The End

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