The Key Piece

Yuri and Sooyeon arrived at their rented place a few minutes after. Sooyeon dropped the still stunned and shocked Yuri at the sofa before she entered her own room. She came out a few seconds after, holding a laptop and placing something on her ear. She then deposited the laptop on the table at the living room and hurriedly went to the bathroom. She emerged a few seconds after, holding a cellular phone in hand. She then plopped down on the sofa in front of the laptop and started typing something on the keyboard. She uttered the words “the results” and immediately, images started appearing on the screen with the descriptions given by a voice from the earpiece.

“An electrical lava lamp seven inches tall and 2 inches wide, with white lava and red liquid. Detachable lower portion revealing a hidden middle compartment containing a packet of crystallized diacetylmorphine, a tuberculin syringe with built in 28 gauge needle ½ inches long, a packet of citric acid powder and a card saying G24. There are latent prints of friction ridges on the body of the lava lamp and some has been identified as Miss Jung Sooyeon’s”

As I’ve thought…

Suddenly, a picture of a gray haired man appeared on the screen.

“Mr. Jinyoung Lee, co-owner of the Generation Café is…”

The voice in the earpiece was immediately cut by Sooyeon’s authoritative voice.

“I no longer need that information. I think I have figured everything out. Now please connect me to Lt. Dellray.”

“Uhh.. right away Miss.”

The End

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