Seeing Yuri in danger, something inside Sooyeon flared. She held the two hands holding her and twisted them as she twisted her body to get out of the grip of the three men. She gave the three stunned men a 90 degree kick and a double round house which sent the three men flying in different directions. She then pulled out a small gun strapped on her right leg and shot each one without hesitation. She left the three unconscious and immobilized before running towards the area where she saw them drag Yuri.

The three men holding Yuri were stunned by her sudden appearance so without thinking, they pulled out their guns and fired at the approaching girl. Sooyeon on the other hand, merely evaded the bullets by hiding behind trees. She then managed to get near the three oppressors and without a second of hesitation, she shot the three, each right through the heart, before dragging the totally stunned Yuri out of the scene.

The End

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